Asia Cup Final 2023 | Will it be India vs. Pakistan?

Cricket is a trending sport these days. The Asia Cup 2022 cricket tournament is hosted by Sri Lanka in UAE and is the favorite topic of discussion for every cricket lover. Moreover, the competition to qualify for the finals is not over yet. Asia Cup 2022 Super Four matches are much-awaiting. In addition, cricket fans are looking for a thrilling Asia cup final in 2022. 

Per expectations, India and Pakistan are the two favorite teams for the Asia Cup 2022, and people and fans enjoyed their first contest. Is there any chance that it will be India vs. Pakistan again? Hence, this article will discuss the Asia cup final in 2022 and the probabilities of the match. 

Asia Cup Final 2022 | Ind vs Pak?

We will analyze and give an Asia Cup Final 2022 Prediction based on teams’ stats and figures. The IND VS PAK match is always the most watched event. You will witness a tight competition in these matches. Moreover, the Love for cricket in Asia and Arch-Rivalry between India and Pakistan makes this match more exciting. IND VS PAK Asia Cup Final 2022 will be decided after the super four matches. 

India and Pakistan are both solid and can beat any team in the Asia Cup. Pak VS India will happen again in the super four stages, and both are the ideal teams for Asia Cup 2022 Final. Moreover, the India VS Pakistan Asia Cup record favors India. India is dominating Pakistan in head-to-head Asia cup matches. But this season, both teams have a balanced squad and are confident enough to give each other a tough time. 

What is Super four in Asia Cup 2022?

Asia Cup Super Four is the competition between the top 4 teams of the Asia Cup. Moreover, nothing can amaze cricket fans more than the India VS Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 Final. Therefore, before the final, teams must qualify for the Asia Cup 2022 Super Four. Pakistan and India are the teams in Group A. Pakistan lost its first match against India, and India won its second match against Hong Kong.

Therefore, India, with its second victory in Asia Cup 2022, has already qualified for Asia Cup 2022 Super Four. On the other side, Group B Afghanistan has become the group topper after defeating Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and qualified for the super four. 

Asia Cup 2022 Super Four Schedule

A total of 6 Asia Cup 2022 Super Four matches are scheduled between qualified teams from 3 to 9 September. Each team will play a match with the remaining three teams in Asia Cup Super Four. Afghanistan will play the first super four game of Asia Cup 2022 against the winner of the Sri Lanka VS Bangladesh 1st September match at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium on 3 September.  

Therefore, India will play its first super four games of the Asia Cup 2022 on 4 September against the PAK VS Hong Kong winner in the 2 September match. Moreover, Pakistan is likely to defeat Hong Kong, and there is a high chance of India VS Pakistan again on 4 September. 

India VS Afghanistan match is scheduled for 6 September. Therefore, teams in the second position from both groups will face each other on 7 September. On 8 September, India will play against Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will play against Pakistan or Hong Kong on 9 September. 

Asia Cup 2022 Final Match Date, Time, and Venue

After 3 September, The Asia Cup 2022 will move to Dubai. Hence all the Super Four Asia Cup 2022 matches are scheduled in Dubai Stadium. Therefore, Super four matches are scheduled from 3 to 9 September, and two table topper teams will meet at the final on 11 September. All the matches start at 7 PM PKT. 

Asia Cup 2022 Final Tickets

Asia Cup tickets are highly demanded. Every cricket fan is waiting for the final match. People go to the grounds in the group stage matches and support their teams. Moreover, many of these are waiting for the final of Asia Cup 2022, which is scheduled for 11 September. And expected in between Pakistan and India. Tickets for PAK VS IND matches are always sold out before the match. 

Moreover, you may face a shortage of tickets if you keep waiting for the final match day. Therefore, we recommend booking Asia Cup 2022 Final match tickets from the platinum list official website before the Asia Cup Super Four matches.   


Can Pakistan qualify for the Asia Cup final?

Nothing can be more joyful than the Pakistan VS India match. Cricket fans from all over the world are waiting to see India VS Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 Final. Pakistan has lost its first match against India, but nothing to worry about. By defeating Hong Kong, Pakistan will have the chance to play against India in Super Four Asia Cup 2022 and then in the PAK VSIND Asia Cup 2022 Final. 

Will India play Asia Cup 2022 Final against Pakistan?

Pakistan has played its first match of Asia Cup 2022 against India with most of the injured players. But they gave a tough time to Indian Players. India has qualified for the Asia Cup 2022 Super Four stages. And we can predict that the final will be between India and Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan will also qualify for the Super Four Stage after defeating Hong Kong. And India will likely play the Asia Cup 2022 final against Pakistan. 


The India VS Pakistan match is always a high-energy and full of emotions game. You will always witness good cricket and spirit in these matches. Furthermore, the Pakistan VS India cricket match is among the most watched and followed. Cricket fans worldwide desperately wait to watch the Asia Cup final between India and Pakistan. Both teams have a professional and balanced squad that can face tough competitions. Hence, this article analyzed the stats and facts about Pak VS IND Asia Cup 2022 Final.

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