BPL 2023 Schedule PDF Download, Bangladesh Premier League, TimeTable

Every cricket league is played in the T20 format, and cricket fans praise these leagues that have resulted in the success of these cricket leagues. In 2023, BPL is coming with its 9th edition. BPL shares a vast fan base worldwide; every eye is set on the BPL 2023 Schedule PDF Download, Bangladesh Premier League, Time Table. 

Bangladesh Premier League is one of the professional cricket leagues played in Bangladesh and takes place in January and February of every year. The league has always been an exciting and thrilling sight for a cricket fan. Every game sets new records breaking previous records. 

The event has unfolded after the BPL opening ceremony, and matches are being scheduled now. This guide is a detailed description of BPL 2023 Schedule PDF Download, Bangladesh, and TimeTable.

BPL 2023 Schedule PDF Download, Bangladesh Premier League, TimeTable

The BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) is a highly qualified cricket league organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board in the shortest game format. The league is conducted to seek the young talents of Bangladesh in cricket. 

Bangladesh Premier League will start on January 6 and ends on February 16, 2023. Seven teams will play 46 games with each other in the BPL 2023 as PSL, where there are 6 PSL teams also. Only IPL is the league that includes 10 teams. Being absent for two seasons, Rangpur Riders will make a comeback in the Bangladesh Premier League 2023. Each team in the league is allowed to pick up a minimum of 10 local players and two overseas players. 

Bangladesh Premier League cricket matches will be conducted at three stadiums in three different cities of Bangladesh. BPL authorities have tried to make the best arrangements for the event, which has expensive star players from home and abroad. The event will be housefull, including massive viewers and 68 Tv channels broadcasting live tournaments worldwide. 

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2023 Summary

Dates6 January – 16 February 2023
Administrator(s)Bangladesh Cricket Board
Cricket formatTwenty20
Tournament formatDouble round-robin and playoffs
Matches46 T20s
Official websiteBPL

BPL 2023 Teams

BPL started with five teams in 2012. Still, with the passing years, the BCB authorities decided to add two teams to the league. Rangpur Riders debuted in BPL in 2013, and Comilla Victorians started its BPL career in 2015. In BPL 2023, spectators will witness seven teams on the cricketing battlefield.  

  • Rangpur Riders
  • Chattogram Challengers
  • Comilla Victorians
  • Minister Group Dhaka
  • Khulna Tigers
  • Sylhet Sunrisers
  • Fortune Barishal

BPL 2023 Schedule TimeTable

The following is a complete official schedule and timetable of BPL 2023. 

06-Jan-232:30 PMChattogram Challengers vs Sylhet StrikersDhaka
06-Jan-237:15 PMRangpur Riders vs Comilla VictoriansDhaka
07-Jan-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Khulna TigersDhaka
07-Jan-237:00 PMFortune Barishal vs Sylhet StrikersDhaka
09-Jan-232:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Sylhet StrikersDhaka
09-Jan-237:00 PMChattogram Challengers vs Khulna TigersDhaka
10-Jan-232:00 PMFortune Barishal vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
10-Jan-237:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Sylhet StrikersDhaka
13-Jan-232:30 PMChattogram Challengers vs Fortune BarishalChattogram
13-Jan-237:15 PMKhulna Tigers vs Rangpur RidersChattogram
14-Jan-232:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Fortune BarishalChattogram
14-Jan-237:00 PMChattogram Challengers vs Dhaka DominatorsChattogram
16-Jan-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Sylhet StrikersChattogram
16-Jan-237:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Chattogram ChallengersChattogram
17-Jan-232:00 PMKhulna Tigers vs Rangpur RidersChattogram
17-Jan-237:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Sylhet StrikersChattogram
19-Jan-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Comilla VictoriansChattogram
19-Jan-237:00 PMFortune Barishal vs Rangpur RidersChattogram
20-Jan-232:30 PMChattogram Challengers vs Khulna TigersChattogram
20-Jan-237:15 PMDhaka Dominators vs Fortune BarishalChattogram
23-Jan-232:00 PMChattogram Challengers vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
23-Jan-237:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Comilla VictoriansDhaka
24-Jan-232:00 PMSylhet Strikers vs Fortune BarishalDhaka
24-Jan-237:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Khulna TigersDhaka
27-Jan-232:30 PMRangpur Riders vs Sylhet StrikersSylhet
27-Jan-237:15 PMFortune Barishal vs Chattogram ChallengersSylhet
28-Jan-232:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Khulna TigersSylhet
28-Jan-237:00 PMChattogram Challengers vs Sylhet StrikersSylhet
30-Jan-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Rangpur RidersSylhet
30-Jan-237:00 PMKhulna Tigers vs Sylhet StrikersSylhet
31-Jan-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Fortune BarishalSylhet
31-Jan-237:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Khulna TigersSylhet
03-Feb-232:30 PMKhulna Tigers vs Fortune BarishalDhaka
03-Feb-237:15 PMDhaka Dominators vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
04-Feb-232:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Chattogram ChallengersDhaka
04-Feb-237:00 PMSylhet Strikers vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
07-Feb-232:00 PMDhaka Dominators vs Chattogram ChallengersDhaka
07-Feb-237:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Fortune BarishalDhaka
08-Feb-232:00 PMSylhet Strikers vs Khulna TigersDhaka
08-Feb-237:00 PMChattogram Challengers vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
10-Feb-232:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Rangpur RidersDhaka
10-Feb-237:15 PMFortune Barishal vs Khulna TigersDhaka
12-Feb-232:00 PMEliminator (3rd Position VS 4th Position)Dhaka
Qualifier Round
12-Feb-237:00 PM1st Qualifier (1st Position VS 2nd Position)Dhaka
13-Feb-23Reserve Day
14-Feb-237:00 PM2nd Qualifier (Looser of 1st Qualifier VS Winner of Eliminator Match)Dhaka
15-Feb-23Reserve Day
16-Feb-237:00 PMBPL Final Match 2023Dhaka

BPL 2023 Venues

BPL teams represent seven cities in Bangladesh. This year the teams will play in different venues in three cities in Bangladesh. The following are the venues for BPL 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Team is Most Successful in BPL?

The BPL is one of the professional cricket leagues in Bangladesh. It is the 16th most-attended premier league in the world. Among the seven teams, Comilla Victorians and Dhaka Dominators are the most successful teams having three winning titles each. 

How Many Matches are in BPL?

No. of matches depends on the number of teams. BPL consists of seven teams that play 46 matches to win the tournament. The entire tournament is played in T20 format. 

Final Lines

Bangladesh Premier League will start soon. The BCB authorities and BPL governing body have released the final schedule of the BPL 2023 Schedule and Time table. Cricket fans look forward to catching the BPL live-action in the stadiums or through TV broadcasts. Take time out of your daily routine to witness the biggest cricketing event happening in Bangladesh. 


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