IPL 2023: Green Confirms His IPL Availability by Debunking Rumours

The good news for Mumbai Indians is that Green Confirms His IPL Availability by Debunking Rumours. He said he is ready to play IPL 2023. He is the most expensive Australian player in the IPL. We would love to watch him play all-around cricket soon.

Anrich Nortje’s bouncer hit Green’s finger during the second Test against South Africa. It caused a broken finger and has been reported as making him ineligible to bowl in IPL 2023 after April. 

He denied the rumor on Thursday, saying he didn’t know where or how the report came from. The 23-year-old is the second-most expensive player ever bought in the history of the IPL auction. Mumbai Indians bought him for record 17.50 Crores. He will be wearing one of the most successful IPL kits for sure very soon.

His availability to play in the IPL was confirmed on SEN Radio: When asked about his availability for IPL 2023.

“No, that’s not correct,” Replied Cameron Green.

“I’ve heard about this for a quite a while now, I think. I don’t know where it’s come from.

“I’ve heard that I’m 100 percent available for both skill sets in the IPL at the start. So yeah, I’m not too sure where that’s kind of come from.

“Obviously, it turned out really well, but I think at the same time, you want to go out there and perform and kind of re-pay the faith they showed you. 

“I think just having the right people around you, I think, keeps you pretty humble in a way.

“You’ve got the right people to drag you down if you get too ahead of yourself. But also the right people to bring you back up when you’re going not as great as you like.”

“My first priority is the Test series that’s beforehand,” he said. 

“I think me and Starcy are maybe touch and go for that first one. But obviously, we’ll give ourselves the best chance.”

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