How to Watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France for Free?

IPL 2023 is soon beginning, and cricket fans from across the globe are going crazy to catch its live-action on their screens. IPL live streaming will reach every nook and corner of the world, so how come to France leaves behind? If you are a resident of France, you must know How To Watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France for free. 

France lies in the sub-region of Western Europe, which inculcates into Continental or Mainland Europe. BCCI has finalized IPL streaming in Europe by signing a deal with regional streaming and broadcasting partners. Viacom 18, BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Yupp are reliable options to watch IPL 2023 in France. 

This article is a compilation of streaming and broadcasting platforms to watch IPL 2023. 

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Where to Watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France?

IPL live streaming is a must-watch cricket event. With the new season of the IPL 2023, live streaming and broadcasting platforms in France are set to on-air IPL live matches for their audience. These streaming platforms are mentioned below:-


Watch IPL 2023 on Disney+Hotstar as it holds the IPL 2023 Broadcasting Rights. Hotstar has become the most approachable live streaming platform for IPL live-action because it streams IPL in HD quality with multiple language options.

Along with IPL live streaming, Hotstar offers match highlights, in-match videos and clips, and IPL 2023 Live Scores, or you can also watch IPL 2023 opening ceremony and IPL 2023 Auction on it. This way, you can access IPL 2023 Live in all aspects. 

Hotstar is a subscription-based platform and demands subscription charges to grant you IPL streaming with all premium features and options. Subscribe to Hotstar premium and VIP plans. 

Note: You must avail of VPN services to unblock Hotstar to learn How to Watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France Free. 

Sky Sports 

Sky Sports is a group of British sports channels, a pay-tv broadcasting service owned by Sky Group. It comprises 11 sports-dedicated channels which are specific to broadcast specific sporting events. Sky Cricket and Sky Main Event are the IPL Channels of Sky Sports. 

These channels are available on different satellite networks. Make the most out of IPL Streaming 2023 on TV with Sky Sports. Tuning to these channels in France will open IPL 2023 live streaming for you. 

Satellite Providers Sky Sports Cricket Channel Number Sky Sports Main Event Channel Numbers 
Sky TV404401
Virgin Media504501
Talk Talk TV 405402
BT TV423420

Sky Sports streaming is available on Sky Go, Sky Now, and Amazon Prime Videos. Subscribing to these sites will ensure that the best live streaming reaches you without error, bus, or lags. Consider installing a Sky Tv box in your home which offers all Sky Sports channels with just a few clicks. 

  • Sky Tv + Sky Sports plans cost: £ 46 per month
  • Sky Signature Tv + Sky Sports cost: £ 54 per month 
  • Sky Signature TV+ Sky Sports+BTSports cost: £ 67 per month 

Viacom 18-owned Voot App.

Viacom 18 has bagged IPL 2023 digital media rights for worldwide streaming and non-exclusive media rights in the Indian subcontinent for RS 23,758. Viacom 18 is the main IPL streaming platform in Continental Europe, including France. It owns the Jio Cinema and Voot app, the leading streaming platforms. 

The Voot app will solve your query about How to watch IPL 2023 live streaming in France app. This application is supported on Android and iOS, with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Download the application and access IPL 2023 Live Streaming in HD resolution in your preferred language. 

Voot Subscription Plans Price Offers Validity
Mobile Voot subscription planRs 299Access to movies, original shows, TV channels, and live sports
One device streaming 
Includes ads
Restricted to mobile video output in 720p
One year
Gold Voot subscription planRs 499Access to movies, original shows, TV channels, and live sports
Can watch on two screens at a time
Contain ads
Cast to TV in 1080p
one year
Platinum Voot subscription planRs 599Access to movies, original shows, TV channels, and live sports
four screens streaming
Ad-free experience 
1080p wit casting to Tv
1 year

BT Sports 

A renowned network of sports channels, BT Sports will on-air IPL 2023 live streaming in parts of Europe, including France. Subscribe to the cable providers of BT Sports to access BT Sports 1 and BT Sports 2 to watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming.  

Sky Cable

  • BT Sport 1 SD/HD: Channel 413
  • BT Sport 2 SD/HD: Channel 414


  • BT Sport 1: Channel 408
  • BT Sport 2: Channel 409

Virgin Media 

BT Sport 1 HD: Channel 527

BT Sport 2 HD: Channel 528

Yupp Tv

The significant platform for Asian content, YuppTv secures the worldwide IPL 2023 Streaming Rights. This streaming service is available in many regions and languages and is a prominent means of watching IPL 2023 live streaming in France.

YuppTv IPL 2023 is accessible for $9.99, $49.99, and $99.99 for a monthly, half-yearly, and Annual span included in a cricket package. 


ESPN+ is a popular sports streaming service in the US that offers live coverage of cricket matches, including IPL. You can subscribe to ESPN+ on their website and watch IPL live streaming on their app, even in France.

Willow TV

Willow TV is a popular streaming service offering live cricket match coverage, including IPL. You can subscribe to Willow TV on their website and watch IPL live streaming on their app.


The biggest sports platform owned by DAZN Group consists of many channels like DAZN 1, DAZN 2, and others to provide its viewers with the best sports content. DAZN group is the international IPL 2023 streaming partner. 

DAZN Group has recently started DAZN 1 HD dedicated to streaming IPL 2023 Live in different languages. The viewers can subscribe to DAZN HD 1 for £9.99 per month, £99.99 per year, and a Flexible pass priced at £19.99 to access it on Sky channel number 429 to watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

In Which OTT Platform will IPL 2023 come?

Many national and international OTT streaming platforms have partnered with BCCI to stream top-notch IPL 2023 globally. OTT platforms are accessible on any device, anytime, and anywhere if you have paid the subscription charges. Following are some OTT platforms:-

How Can I Watch IPL Live with VPN?

VPN unlocks geo-restricted sites outside the designated regions. This service comes in handy when you travel abroad during IPL days, so you can access your regional sites with VPN to watch IPL Live. To unlock, you must use VPN with Indian servers like Express VPN and others. Follow the steps below to watch IPL Live with VPN:-

  1. Download and launch an authentic VPN by signing in. 
  2. Change your location to an Indian IP address by connecting to an Indian server. 
  3. Access Hotstar anywhere to watch IPL Live. 

Take Away 

If you live in France or are traveling to France during IPL days, you don’t have to worry about watching IPL live in France. This guide has compiled many broadcasting and streaming platforms for on-air live matches. You must pay the subscription charges to make your IPL-watching experience worth remembering. I hope this guide on How to Watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming in France has helped you. 

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