Pakistan Upcoming Matches 2023 – Pakistan Cricket Team Future Tour Programs (FTP) Schedule

Witnessing Pakistani cricketers on a playing field is wholesome entertainment, surprise, and excitement. Pakistan is a strong contender in the cricket world and has attained excellence in Tests, ODIs, T20s, and all formats of cricket. If you are wondering about Pakistan’s Future Tour Programs, here is a list of Pakistan Upcoming Matches and the complete Pakistan Cricket Team Future Tour Programs (FTP) Schedule.

Pakistan is an active member of the ICC (International Cricket Council) and ACC (Asian Cricket Council). It has a prominent presence in all major cricket events. The second half of the 2023 Pakistan Cricket Calendar is lined up with test series, Asia Cup, ODI Cricket World Cup, and other cricket tours. 

This article will guide you about the Pakistan Cricket Future Tour Programs. 

Pakistan Upcoming Matches 2023

Pakistan Cricket Team has named many accolades and accomplishments in its cricket career. It is looking forward to coming victorious in the upcoming matches. The following is the list of the upcoming cricket events in which Pakistan will appear. 

Upcoming ScheduleTournament Details 
July 2023Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka 2023
Matches: 2 Test
Venue: Sri Lanka
September 2-17, 2023
Asia Cup 2023Matches: 12 ODI and 1 Final match
venue: Pakistan or Hybrid Model for Asia Cup 
still not decided about the venue – there will be 4 home games for Pakistan
October 5 – November 19, 2023.ICC Cricket World Cup 2023Matches: 48 ODI Venue: India 
Dec 2023 -Jan 2024Pakistan Tour of Australia 2023-24 Matches: 3 Tests
Venue: Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth)

Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka

In July 2023, Pakistan will fly to Sri Lanka for the test matches. The tour will be a 2 test match series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The first Test match will be played from July 16 to July 20 at the Galle International Cricket Stadium, and the second Test match will be played from July 24 to July 28 at the R. Premed’s International Cricket Stadium in Colombo. 

Asia Cup 2023

Pakistan along with other Asian countries has formed the Asia Cup under the Asian Cricket Council ACC. The event will commence from September 2-17, 2023 in Pakistan. It will unfold 12 ODIs followed by a Final Match. The venue of Asia Cup 2023 has erupted over a dispute between India and Pakistan. The governing bodies are thinking of a neutral venue for conducting India’s matches. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

As a member of ICC, Pakistan is a strong competitor in ICC World Cup 2023. The 13th edition of this prestigious cricket event is scheduled from October 5 to November 19, 2023, in India. Cricket fans are willing to catch live streaming of the 48 ODIs matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on local and foreign broadcasting and streaming platforms. 

Pakistan Tour of Australia 2023-24

Pakistan Tour of Australia is a bilateral test series between Pakistan and Australia conducted in Australia. This tour is scheduled from Dec 14, 2023, to Jan 3, 2024, and consists of 3 test matches conducted in 3 different venues, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth in Australia. 

Test MatchesDate Venue 
1stDec 14, 2023.  
Optus Stadium, Perth, Australia
2ndDec 26, 2023.Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia
3rdJan 03, 2024.
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia

Complete Schedule on Pakistan Upcoming Matches 2023

Here is a comprehensive schedule of Pakistan Cricket Team’s upcoming matches in the last quarter of the year 2023, including all ICC events:

1st T20IT20Sep 25, 2023EnglandBirmingham
2nd T20IT20Sep 26, 2023EnglandBirmingham
3rd T20IT20Sep 27, 2023EnglandBirmingham
1st ODIODISep 29, 2023EnglandBirmingham
2nd ODIODIOct 1, 2023EnglandBirmingham
3rd ODIODIOct 3, 2023EnglandBirmingham
1st TestTestOct 6, 2023EnglandManchester
2nd TestTestOct 10, 2023EnglandManchester
3rd TestTestOct 14, 2023EnglandManchester
1st T20IT20Dec 24, 2023AustraliaPerth
2nd T20IT20Dec 26, 2023AustraliaMelbourne
3rd T20IT20Dec 28, 2023AustraliaSydney
1st ODIODIJan 2, 2024AustraliaMelbourne
2nd ODIODIJan 4, 2024AustraliaSydney
3rd ODIODIJan 6, 2024AustraliaBrisbane
Asia CupODIAug 27-Sep 11, 2023Sri Lanka
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023ODIOct 9-Nov 21, 2023India

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka 2023?

According to ICC FTP, Pakistan will tour Sri Lanka to play a test series against Sri Lanka. The series consists of 2 test matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, played between July 16 to July 28, 2023. This test series will form part of the 2023-2025 ICC World Test Championship.

How Many Matches Pakistan Will Play in 2023?

Pakistan is set to play 2 test matches against Sri Lanka in July 2023. After that, Asia Cup 2023, ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, and Pakistan 3 test match series against Australia are scheduled. Pakistan has a hectic cricket schedule lined up. 

How Many Times Did Pakistan Win the World Cup?

Pakistan has always been a strong contender in ICC Cricket World Cup. Pakistan has once named the World Cup trophy in 1992. In November 2023, Pakistan will be a part of the 13th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. 

Will Pakistan host the Asia Cup 2023?

According to recent reports, Pakistan has been selected to host the 16th edition of the Asia Cup 2023. Pakistan. The active members of the Asian Cricket Council will fly to Pakistan to appear in Asia Cup 2023. Due to political differences, India is unwilling to come to Pakistan to play in Asia Cup 2023. 

You can book your Asia Cup 2023 Tickets following this guide Asia Cup 2023 Tickets Online Booking – Complete Tickets Guide

Summing Up 

This guide has thrown a light on Pakistan Upcoming Matches. In Pakistan’s Future Tour Programs, there is a long list of bigger cricket events scheduled in the second half of 2023. Pakistan will play strong in Asia Cup 2023 and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The fans are excited to support and cheer for their favorite players. 

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