Watch PSL 8 Live on Tamasha App – PSL 2023 Live Streaming

Do you need help finding an app that operates on Wifi and mobile data? Let the Tamasha app be your preference for satisfying your sporty soul. Tamasha app provides high-quality and glitch-free Live PSL 2023  streaming using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Look nowhere and Watch PSL 8 Live on Tamasha App.

The Tamasha app is a project of the Jazz telecommunication network. It is a mobile application that contains numerous channels belonging to different genres to entertain its users. Tamasha app beats all other sites in HBL PSL 2023 live streaming and on-demand content with its accessibility on a free version and pocket-friendly subscription. 

Tune into the Tamasha app and be ready for your PSL  2023Live Streaming.

Watch PSL 8 Live on the Tamasha App

Why do you prefer the Tamasha app for PSL live streaming when you have many other good options? Tamasha app is the only app on-airing PSL live streaming for free. You can buy a subscription to the Tamasha app if you want a bug-free, user-friendly, and improved live-streaming experience. Cricket fans are looking forward to the Tamasha app for PSL live streaming.

  1. Go to the Tamasha website.
  2. Fill in the requirements for the Tamasha App Login.
  3. Access the website for free or pay a subscription.
  4. Click on PSL Live Streaming.
  5. Binge-watch your favorite matches on the go. 

Tamasha App

Tamasha app is a prominent live-streaming app by Jazz, with considerable watch time by viewers across Pakistan. From live sports, live news, TV dramas, movies, and music Tamasha App Online offers limitless entertainment, and the web series add-on is just the cherry on top. 

Many users head to the Tamasha App every year to grab PSL live coverage, and it has added value to the app. The Tamasha App Free is accessible without complication. Moreover, the website’s layout is fantastic, which makes its navigation effortless. 

You can search for your favorite content on the site in no seconds because everything you desire is categorized into sections. During PSL events, the website is dedicated to LIVE telecasting PSL live action. Tamasha app YouTube channel is also here to meet your expectations for PSL streaming. 

The app is efficiently serving its users with some fantastic features. 

  • Adaptive Streaming
  • In player Channel Switching
  • On-Screen Control Commands
  • Picture In Picture Mode
  • Chromecast
  • Rewind Feature
  • Watch Videos On-demand, Live TV, and Live Sports 
  • Watch the last seven days of missed shows
  • Add your content to ‘Favorites.’
  • Find what you recently watched in the ‘History.’

Tamasha App Free Download

The Tamasha app came into being on April 23, 2015. The app has upgraded and improved user-friendly servers, letting the viewer optimize the live streaming experience. The app has sports channels to provide live-streaming PSL to its users quickly.

Tamasha App is available on the app store to download for free. It has compatibility with iOS and Android. The app requires a quick sign-in process to access the 24/7 available content. 

You can download the app by going to the app store and installing it on your phone without going through pre and post-download procedures. You can also opt for the Tamasha App APK Download. 

As a venture of Jazz telecommunication, Tamasha App Jazz Download is the opportunity that lets the user download the app for free from the Jazz website directly to Watch PSL 8 Live on Tamasha App.

Tamasha Subscription Packages

Tamasha is the only digital platform in Pakistan where users can enjoy complete ad-free streaming by paying a subscription. The subscription plan varies on different periods, which unlocks all free and exclusive content for prepaid customers. The daily offer is PKR 10 incl. Tax A 3-Day offer is also available at PKR 25 incl. Tax. Weekly offer is at PKR 50, Inc. for prepaid customers, and for a monthly subscription, you have to pay PKR 120.  

How do I unsubscribe from the Tamasha app on Jazz? PSL Live 8 Streaming and accessing content on the Tamasha app is everyone’s cup of tea because you can cancel your subscription. All offers on Tamasha are auto-renewable. To unsubscribe, open the Tamasha App and click unsubscribe from the ‘Subscription Packages’ section.

Tamasha App Compatibility

Tamasha App works with every smartphone device and comes in the best apps to watch PSL. It is supported on many different devices belonging to iOS and Android versions. Check out the compatibility of different devices with the Tamasha app. 


  • iPhone – Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • iPad – Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
  • iPod touch – Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Mac – Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.


Android 5.0+

Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live Streaming on Jazz Tamasha Free

Tamasha, the Pakistani streaming platform powered by Jazz Mobilink, offers free live streaming of sports, including the Asia Cup 2023 which is starting on 30 August, 2023 with the match Pakistan vs Nepal. Catching the Asia Cup action on Tamasha which is one of the best apps to watch Asia Cup 2023 is a breeze:

  1. Get the Tamasha app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Register and log in.
  3. Hit “Live Sports” on the home screen.
  4. Spot “Asia Cup 2023 Live Streaming” as you scroll.
  5. Dive into the match you crave and Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live For Free

Tamasha App Alternatives 

No doubt, the Tamasha app has come up with the fastest servers that provide unlimited and uninterrupted PSL live streaming. The various alternatives of the Tamasha app are as follows. 

Is Tamasha App Free on Jazz?

Tamasha app is accessible for free, but subscribing to the app provides a user-friendly and optimized live streaming experience. Tamasha app subscription plans have different set ranges. From PKR 10 to PKR 120, the subscription packages are available daily, three days, weekly, and monthly. 

How Does Tamasha App Work?

Tamasha App is a mobile streaming app that allows you to browse and stream your favorite content on the go with convenience anywhere, anytime. Access content over Wi-Fi and your mobile data (3G/4G), where you can subscribe to cost-efficient premium packages that let you access premium and exclusive content. 


Look nowhere for your entertainment needs and make the Tamasha app your first choice. Tamasha app is one of the live streaming apps allowing streaming on-demand content of different genres, including sports which viewers praise much. PSL live streaming has contributed a lot to the glory of the app. The app has improved and upgraded servers for PSL live streaming. This guide is all about watching PSL 8 Live on Tamasha App. Tune in to the Tamasha App now and keep updated on all the PSL matches without interruption. 

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