9Now Live Streaming: Watch Today’s Match Live for free

Opting for live streaming brings you your desired content in your hands. You can connect to the news, sports, and entertainment on the go, anytime and anywhere on your computers, iOS, and android. Head to 9Now Live streaming to have the real essence of the viewing experience and watch your favorite matches for free.

Operated by the Nine Network in Australia, 9Now is a video-on-demand, catch-up TV service. The platform came into existence on 27 January 2016, replacing Nine’s previous service 9Jumpin. 9Now offers online live streaming of Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go!, 9Life and 9Rush, and live news via nine.com.au

9Now Live Streaming is an approachable platform for catching on to your favorite content. This guide explains 9Now Live Streaming, its key features, its subscription plans, 9Now compatibility, 9Now VPN, and its alternatives. 

9Now Live Streaming – 9Now Live Tv Guide

The Nine Network in Australia launched Channel 9 in 1956. It is one of Australia’s five open television services. In 2016, Channel 9 upgraded to 9Now Live Streaming and Live Broadcast. 

9Now Live Streaming is Australia’s most popular free-to-air television network. It broadcasts your favorite media content, including Entertainment shows, News, Movies, Series, and Sports Live streams.  9Now is accessible online for free, but it is only available in India. 

The immense fame of Channel 9 is that it offers free TV, which is unfamiliar to comprehend nowadays with the many subscription-based platforms available today. You must register your account and sign in to the site or on the 9Now app to enjoy 9Now activate and access the live-streaming content on 9Now.

Key Features

  1. Accessible for free
  2. User-friendly layout
  3. Effortless navigation
  4. Resume your activity where you have left
  5. No limits on devices
  6. Unlimited video content
  7. Widely Available

IPL Live Streaming on 9Now

IPL has a huge fan following in Australia because many Australian cricketers are a part of the IPL. 9Now is the most approached platform by IPL fans in Australia to grab on the IPL live Streaming. Using VPN, you can unblock the 9Now login and access IPL Live Streaming outside Australia. 

9 Now PSL Live Streaming 

PSL has a massive viewership from outside Pakistan. 9Now is dedicated to airing PSL live Streaming online for free in Australia. Access the 9Now website, download the app, and sign in for free to catch PSL live matches.

9Now Subscription

9Now is a publicly available free Tv service and streaming platform in Australia. It requires no subscription charges and is accessible online for free. Is 9Now free? Just like free-to-air TV, 9Now is funded by advertising. All the content on 9Now is free to watch, and there are no in-app purchases when you download the 9Now app. You must log in to the site and the app, and you can now explore the vast entertainment world on 9Now. 

9Now is Supported on Many Devices 

9Nw is dedicated to providing its users with live coverage and live streaming on-demand content in premium quality without bugs. The fastest servers of 9 Now are working to give you an extraordinary live-streaming experience. It is supported on many devices, so you don’t have to worry about catching your favorite content on any specific device. 

  • iOS

iPhone – Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

iPad – Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.

iPod touch – Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Apple TV – Requires tvOS 13.0 or later.

  • Android

Android phones and tablets 5.0+

Android Tv

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Tv
  • Hisense Tv
  • LG Tv

9Now VPN

9Now live streaming is much more popular because it is the ultimate experience of smooth, bug-free, unlimited live action. Can I Watch 9Now Outside Australia? Like most major streaming sites, 9Now is restricted by geo-blocking to prevent users outside its designated broadcast area from accessing the site. 

You can watch your favorite content on 9Now outside Australia using a reliable and authentic VPN. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that channels your IP Address to the Australian region, and you can easily access the site. Some of the best VPNs for 9Now are:-

  • NordVPN
  • Express VPN
  • SurfSharkVPN
  • Unlocator

9Now Alternatives

9Now is a geographically restricted site that is only available in Australia. Outside Australia, you can use VPN to access the site or use its alternatives. These alternatives will provide unlimited live-streaming content, but some apps may demand subscription charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Watch 9Now Live?

9Now is a live-streaming platform accessible for free on various devices. Accessing the site is straightforward. You just have to make a user profile and start with your live streaming. 

You can also go for 9Now connect your tv to have a streaming experience on big screens. 

  • Go to the 9Now website. 
  • Make your account and sign in to the site for free. 
  • Click on ‘Live TV’ from the 9Now homepage for live streaming.
  • Or open the menu bar and select ‘Live TV.’
  • You have access to your desired content on 9Now. 

Do You Need an Account to Watch 9Now?

9Now requires no subscription charges; it is available online for free. It needs an account to access the site and watch on-demand content. The sign-in is easy and free. Click on ‘Create your Nine Account’ on the site and 9Now app download and insert the required details to sign in. 

How do I Install 9Now?

9Now has its official application. The application is free to download and use. Moreover, the download size of the app is 86 MB. You can install the 9Now app from the website or store. 

Go to the website and store, install it for free, and launch the app on your phone. 


9Now Live Streaming, known as Channel 9, is a Free-to-air TV and service accessible online for free only in Australia. It on-airs live streaming and on-demand content of different genres. Get streaming sports, news, movies, music, and entertainment shows on 9Now Live Streaming. This guide describes 9Now Live Streaming, its subscription plans, compatibility, 9Now VPN, and its alternatives. 

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