IPL 2023 Auction Date | Venue, Rules, Player Retention & Right to Match

The Fifteenth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) took place between ten teams. Two new IPL teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow SuperGiants (LSG), are added to the tournament. Furthermore, adding these two teams has increased the competition in the tournament and auction competitions. IPL 2023 Auction Date, Rules and Regulations, Player Retention, and Right to Match.

These two teams not only participated but performed well in the IPL 2022. The New Gujrat Titans team came to the tournament and quickly competed with the remaining eight experienced IPL teams and played the final Gujrat Titans (GT) VS Rajasthan Royals (RR) at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium at Gujarat’s home ground. 

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced IPL 2022 with ten teams. Moreover, it was a gamble from the BCCI. But we have witnessed the quality and standards are better than before. We have seen both teams qualify for the playoff. As a result, the two most favorite teams of IPL have ended up with the lowest in the points table, which makes the tournament more exciting.

IPL 2023 Auction

The Indian Premier League (IPL) auction takes place every year. IPL mega auction is scheduled after every three years. Therefore, after every mega auction in IPL, BCCI conducts a mini-auction for the next year and renews contracts with the existing players. 

Unlike the IPL 2022 auction, IPL 2023 will not be the same as IPL 2022. Therefore, IPL 2023 is called a mini auction because every team will release a few players, most of whom will remain on the team after contract renewal. The schedule and fixtures of the IPL 2023 will be decided after the mini-auction of the players.

In IPL mega auction, a franchise can only retain a maximum of four players, and the rest of the players are released for bidding. Therefore, In IPL 2023 mini-auction, a franchise can retain as many players as they need. Moreover, every IPL mini and mega auction follows some auction rules. Hence, this article is about IPL 2023 Auction Date, Rules and Regulations, Player Retention, and Right to Match. 

IPL Auction 2023 Date and Venue

IPL 2022 auction was held in two days (12-13 February). Many franchise owners agreed that the IPL auction system should be removed, and they should have the right to build their system to recruit players. 

Moreover, there were rumors that the BCCI would remove the auction system from the IPL. But these are all fake news, and IPL 2023 auction is a mini-auction and a single-day event. IPL 2023 Venue and auction is scheduled for Sunday, 23 February 2023, in Bangalore. Furthermore, the mini-auction will be on 23 December 2022 at Kochi.

Player Retention in IPL 2023 Auction

There is no upper cap in the retention list in the IPL 2023 auction. Every team has full rights to retain as many players as they want in their team for the IPL 2023. But the player retention criteria are different for the IPL mega auctions. Every team can only retain four players in the IPL mega auction.

But in IPL 2023 mini-auction, the players who played well in the IPL 2022 will remain part of the team is going to be held on December 23, 2022, at Kochi. The rest of the players will be released by the franchises. Each franchise’s purse value is expected to increase to 95 Crores INR. Furthermore, BCCI has allotted a purse value of 90 Crores INR to each franchise for IPL 2022 mega auction. 

IPL 2023 Auction Rules

The IPL mini and mega auction rules are different. IPL 2023 auction rules are the same as IPL 2021 auction. IPL 2023 auction is a mini-auction, and the rules and procedure are simple. All the teams will get equal opportunities for the IPL 2023 auction because every team has a settled squad. 

There is also an opportunity for the “Three Draft Pick” (GT and LSG) to match their squads with the rest of the IPL teams as part of the IPL 2022 mega auction. Each IPL team can have a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 25 players in their squad. Therefore, a team can have a maximum of 8 foreign players in their squad. 

IPL 2023 Auction | Trade Window

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has opened a trade window before IPL 2023. All the franchises of IPL can trade players amongst themselves in this trading window before IPL 2023 Auction. 

Right to Match Card in IPL 2023 Auction

The BCCI Discarded the usage of the right-to-match card in the IPL 2022 auction with the hope that the next auction will have the right-to-match card opportunity. Hence, the franchises can buy their released players back by paying the highest bid on the auction table for players. 

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Where will IPL 2023 Auction Take Place?

Hotel ITC Gardenia in Bangalore was the venue for IPL 2022 mega auction. Moreover, if we look back at history, Bangalore has hosted most IPL auctions and is a venue for IPL 2023 mini-auction. 

What is the difference between IPL auction and IPL mega auction?

IPL mini-auction is held every year. IPL mega auction is usually held after every three years. Moreover, the main difference is that in the IPL mega auction, a team can retain a maximum of 4 players and release the rest of the team, But in the IPL mini-auction, a team can retain as many players as they want in the team. 

Can unsold players play in IPL?

Players are gone unsold when no team shows interest in buying them. The unsold players can play in the IPL. The BCCI allowed the IPL team to buy the player who went unsold in the IPL auction. Franchises can buy the players during IPL if they need any replacement in the team. 

Who gets the money from IPL auction?

The auction money directly goes into the player’s account. And it is the player’s salary that goes for one year. However, all the taxes are deducted from this amount. Excluding taxes, the rest of the money goes into the player’s account. 

Is IPL 2022 the last mega auction?

Several rumors were circulating that the IPL 2022 auction is the last mega auction of IPL. But there is no truth in this news. However, the franchise owner agreed to remove the auction system from IPL and wanted to set their selection criteria for players. But IPL 2023 is scheduled as a routine auction. 


The auction of IPL was in doubt. And IPL fans thought IPL mega auction 2022 might be the last IPL auction. Hence this article has discussed the IPL 2023 Auction, auction date, time, and venue. Moreover, this article has discussed IPL 2023 auction rules and the difference between mini and mega IPL auctions. Furthermore, this article comprehensively details the Right to Match Card in IPL 2023 Auction and IPL 2023 auction trade window. 

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