5 Best Alternatives of Live Cricket Streaming

Are you head over heels for satisfying your cricket passion? The sudden turnover in a live cricket match grips the attention, whether you are a cricket fan or not. You are taken aback when you see the batter on the pitch ready to hit the ball and the bowler attempting hard to pounce on the ball. Apart from live cricket streaming, you can go for the 5 Best Alternatives to Live Cricket Streaming to keep track of the latest cricket happenings

Live Cricket Streaming has its charms and excitement at its peak, but coping with the work-life is also a part of life, and you should be vigilant about it. Along with live cricket streaming, there are other ways you can satiate your cricket needs. They include Radio commentary, Live Score apps, Social media updates, Tv broadcasting, Highlights, replays, and sports websites.

In this guide, you will encounter Live Cricket Streaming in other ways, including Radio Commentary, Live Score Apps, Tv Broadcasting, Social Media Updates, Highlights and Match Replays, and Sports Websites. 

5 Best Alternatives of Live Cricket Streaming

A cricket match is a delicious cream cake that enjoys the limelight of many eyes.  Apart from the traditional means of watching cricket on tv channels and the digital platform like live cricket streaming apps, you can catch on to your favorite match by other means. 

Some of the best alternatives for live cricket streaming are:-

Radio Commentary

When you are not physically present in the stadium or have no availability of internet or Tv cable networks, what to do now? Radio Cricket Commentary will escort you. Radio has always been the communication medium. It is not some old-fashioned platform for reaching out to the latest news, entertainment, and updates about anything and everything. 

Cricket Commentary is always exciting for a cricket fan; it informs you about the minute-by-minute situation turnovers in a live match. You can get hold of the live cricket streaming by listening to the live commentary from the nearest radio stations in your designated regions. 

IPL Radio Commentary

  • Al Jazeera Audio
  • BBC World Service
  • English Love Radio
  • Chimes Kids Radio
  • Rukus Avenue Radio

PSL Radio Commentary

  • FM 106.2 – Live Online Radio
  • Sports – Radio FM World Pakistan

Live Score Apps

Live score apps are always the rescuer of your heart, dropping its beats in the guilt of missing your favorite cricket match. And Live score apps replace cricket live streaming in the true sense. Through these apps, you can keep track of the live scores, scorecards, fours, sixes, wickets, set targets, and run chase in a live cricket match. 

All the live score apps are mobile-friendly and can efficiently operate on android and iOS. You have to download the app from the store and log in to the app. These free cricket live-streaming apps will notify you about the latest scores and happenings. Some of the reliable and authentic apps for Live PSL Scores are:-

  • Cricbuzz
  • ESPN Cricinfo
  • The official ICC App
  • Cricket Live Score App
  • SofaScore
  • CricHeroes Cricket Scoring App

Social Media Updates

With time, social media apps have gained enormous fellowship. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent means of socializing and help information about the latest happenings worldwide. The same goes for cricket updates, the latest news, and information. 

If you are a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter user, you can easily catch on cricket live streaming.

From live match coverage, live commentary, scores, match highlights, and notable moments in the match, behind the scenes, to everything related to cricket is accessible through Social Media Updates. 

Tv Broadcasting

Tv is a standard for watching live cricket matches that can not be diminished. Many sports channels are available on cable and satellite networks that broadcast free live tv channels live cricket streaming. Along with the live coverage, these channels facilitate the viewers with the cricket match highlights, replays, and programs. 

Sports Tv channels secure the broadcasting rights of national and international cricket leagues, IPL, PSL, BPL, BBL, etc, ODIs, Tests matches, T20s, and World Cups. These channels are available on the satellite network in the designated area and worldwide through Dish. 

You have to contact your cable provider to facilitate you with the sports channels on your Tv so that you can enjoy live coverage of your favorite cricket match.  Some of the prominent tv channels are:- 

PTV Sports Live – PSL Live Streaming 

Star Sports – IPL Live streaming 

Gazi Tv  – BPL live streaming 

Seven Network – BBL Live Streaming 

Highlights and Replays 

Are you a match highlight person? Cricket fans, when not able to watch the complete match, head to match highlights and match replays. Match Highlights are not the recorded complete match but consist of the notable moments in a live match, including fours, sixes, the best hit by the batter, the wickets taken by the bowler, the target set, and the run chase. In this way, you are not deprived of cricketing moments. 

Match Replays are the recording of live matches. Match highlights and replays are accessible easily, but for match replays, only the broadcasting partners of the designated league have the right to grant access to match replays. You can find match highlights and replays of IPL and PSL on the following sites. 

SonyLiv – IPL 

PTV Sports – PSL 

Sky Sports – PSL

Sports Websites

Sports websites have turned live streaming into reality. These websites are authentic and reliable platforms that provide live cricket matches worldwide. Moreover, these websites have secured broadcasting rights for national and international cricket events. 

Apart from live coverage, you will also find match schedules, match highlights, replays, team stats, live scorecards, rankings, and expert reviews and analyses. This way, you can’t miss any cricketing moments without being informed. Some of the best sports websites worldwide are:-

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Best Way to Watch Live Sports Without Cable?

Live sports are accessible easily on cable tv channels. If you want to catch on live sports without cable, you should opt for live-streaming apps. Live streaming apps offer free and paid live coverage worldwide, and you can access them anywhere and anytime. 

Can You Stream Live Sports For Free?

Live sports are streamed on tv channels and live streaming apps. Tv channels let you stream live sports for free. Live sports are also available on live streaming apps. Some of these apps are accessible for free, and some require a subscription. Some of the apps to stream live sports for free are:-


Cricket is loved and praised worldwide. Catching on to live cricket streaming is every cricket fan’s top priority. However, for any reason, if you can’t watch live streaming, you can still satiate your cricket passion by opting for the 5 Best Alternatives of Live Cricket Streaming. This guide is about the various means to be a part of live cricket coverage, including Radio Commentary, Live Score Apps, Tv Broadcasting, Social media Updates, Highlights and Match Replays, and Sports Websites. Now you can’t miss any of your favorite cricket matches.  

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