Cricfree Live Cricket Streaming 2023 | How to watch Live Cricket?

Watching sports is one of the popular hobbies across the world. Cricket is the second most sport that viewers of all ages watch. If you are tired of paying a monthly subscription to watch your favorite cricket tournament, you can switch to CricFree Live Cricket Streaming 2023. 

According to Statista, During a January 2021 survey, it was found that 65 percent of all respondents followed sports via live TV, while only eight percent of all respondents followed sports via magazines.

Digital platforms have made it easy for you to watch cricket in the comfort of your home, anywhere, and anytime without any hassle or worry of leaving your work. CricFree is one of the best websites providing free HD Live cricket streaming worldwide without charging any subscription. You have to tune in to the website, and you can enjoy unlimited cricket. 

This guide uncovers the CricFree website, how to access it to watch cricket leagues, and the alternative to this website. 

CricFree Live Cricket Streaming 2023

Are you a workaholic and die-hard cricket fan who doesn’t want to miss his work and cricket match? The Cricfree app is for you as of now; you don’t have to run to the stadium and have easy access to whatever cricket tournament you like to watch. In addition, you will keep yourself updated with whatever is happening in the cricket world. 

CricFree is dedicated to cricket only and brings up HD Live Streaming of all prominent cricket events worldwide, including test matches, ODIs, PSL 2023, BBL, IPL, LPL, CPL, BPL, and ICC T20 World Cup. Without any premium or subscription. CricFree saves you at least $30 a month that you would have spent on subscription streaming services to view.

Note: You can access the TouchCric website and TouchCric application offline. 

Cricfree com

In a fast-paced life, it is impossible to dedicate a whole day to a cricket match, so Cricfree is the best option to provide free live online matches. Cricfree does not offer cricket only but other sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and much more. Furthermore, all these sports live streaming are free, and you do not need to buy any subscription to watch your favorite sport live.

CricFree com is the official website easily accessed on smartphones, laptops, and PCs. This website is widespread, with an estimated 385 daily visitors. What does it offer you? You can watch Live cricket with a detailed schedule according to your time zone. On the website, there are different categories. Each is focused on a different sport. 

Open the app, and there you will find a detailed schedule of the ongoing series, tournaments, and domestic leagues on the first screen. The Schedule tab displays a list of upcoming games in various sports. You can explore the program and choose the match you are interested in. Select your Game to watch and enjoy Cricket on your favorite channel.

Key Features

The app is easy to access and use. You will find no bugging or lagging in the server of this website. It provides several features:-

  • No need to register for an account.
  • Access to sports channels with broadcasts of different disciplines.
  • There is a section with the schedule of matches.
  • The service is available to people without a subscription.
  • The app is free to download and easy to use.
  • The website has a mobile-friendly interface. 

How To Watch Cricfree Live?

It’s a straightforward process to watch the CricFree live on your smartphone. All you need to do is go to the website from here and enjoy the live cricket coverage of all the sporting events happening throughout the world daily. 

CricFree is the home of streaming because it provides free online event coverage, and the CricFree tv presents you with an HD-resolution display of live sporting events. On CricFree, there are options to select the live coverage from five different servers available, which is a great option to have with free cricket live streaming. 

  1. Go to your internet browser and open the Cricfree Website.
  2. Select the Cricket Tab from the home screen and click it.
  3. Select your desired cricket match, click on it, and enjoy free live streaming.
  4. If you feel lag, interruption, or delay during the stream, change the Cricfree Server.

CricFree App

The CricFree website also has its official application. The application is also free of any subscription and premiums. The CricFree app has an updated list of matches happening on the current day, which is automatically updated daily. The app is easy to use and install. It is supported on iOS, Android, and PC. You must go to the app store to download it on your mobile device.  

How to Download the App?

The CricFree app is available on every mobile device and the iOS and Android app stores. You can access the website by browsing Google Search, but you must download the app. How to download the app?

Steps to download the app from the App store.

  1. Go to the app store.
  2. Enter the TouchCric app on the search bar.
  3. In the app menu, click on the install. 
  4. The app will take some time to download. 
  5. After downloading, open the app and launch it on your phone. 

Steps to download it from the website

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on the link given on the website to download the app.
  3. Click on install.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Install unknown apps. Allow from this source.
  6. Go back and click on install.
  7. Once installation is done. Open app.

IPL Free Live Streaming on CricFree

The CricFree website and CricFree app are free but available online, not offline. You will need a strong internet connection to watch live streaming of your desired IPL 2023 league.

Here you will find different categories of spots. You can watch IPL, PSL, CPL, BBL, BPL, test matches, ODIs, T20, and ICC World Cups in the cricket tab.  

Best Alternatives to CricFree

Due to the heavy traffic of the viewers during the live tournaments, sometimes the server goes down, and you have to face bugs and buffering while accessing the website. This list will provide you with the best alternatives to Cricfree TV, and you can enjoy your favorite match without hassle.

The Cricfree website should be your top pick for live cricket matches because it provides live coverage for free and full HD resolution worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it Safe to Watch a Live Match on Cricfree?

Watching a live match is not only restricted to the stadium nowadays. You can watch live streaming your favorite cricket in HD quality on CricFree. According to the experts, Cricfree is virus-free and safe to visit, and you can enjoy live streaming without hesitation. However, it’s always best to use a VPN service to get a secure connection while watching live sports events. 

Which App is the Best for Watching Live Cricket?

Today, TV channels, as well as OTT platforms, broadcast cricket matches. The CricFree is one of those websites and apps that provide live telecasts of cricket matches without paying any charges. On CricFree, you can enjoy more than 20 different sports happening all around the world. 


With the advent of the new year, cricket fans are anticipated to witness their favorite tournaments scheduled to begin in 2023. Satisfy your sporty soul with CricFree live cricket Streaming 2023. CricFree is at your service to broadcast live cricket matches without demanding registration or a subscription. In addition, the website and the app are also easy to explore and navigate and mobile-friendly. This guide is about the CricFree website and app, how to access and download it, what it offers, and the alternatives to CricFree. 


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