How to Get Flosports Free Trial – Tested Method

Flosports brings the best in class sports streaming experience to the sports enthusiast. If you want to check out their top-notch sports coverage without any commitment but with all premium features, Flosports Free Trial is the perfect opportunity you can benefit from. 

Flosports lets you enjoy the best sports streaming for a seven-day free trial without spending your money. You can explore Flosports content with all high-end features during this free trial period. Remember, the free trial is a one-time offer, and after the free trial ends, the subscription moves automatically into a paid plan.

This guide paves a way to immerse into the world of Flosports where you can discover its free trial, premium features, subscription plans, and all guidelines regarding subscribing to Flosports. 

Does Flosports have a Free Trial?

FloSports usually does not offer free trials, but you can get Flosports Free Stream only at the provision of your credit card information ahead of time. Your credit card will be verified at the start of the trial and you will be directed to the Flosports subscription at the end of the free trial period. If you don’t want to get charged, be sure to turn off the Flosports Free Trial Cancel feature.

How Does a FloSports Free Trial Work?

Flosports is a one-stop destination to reach your favorite and exclusive live sports coverage in the best quality and features. You can access live sports events for free or paid versions. The free version has the basic features, and the premium version has all the upgraded features you can enjoy in a free trial. 

Beware, if you have not canceled your subscription to Flosports Free Trial, you will be charged at the end of the trial for your actual subscription to begin. If you want to continue Flosports streaming, you can subscribe to the monthly or annual subscriptions offered by Flosports after the free trial ends. 

In a Flosports Free Trial, you can have the following basic and premium features:-

  • Flosports Free Login
  • Access live events across 25+ sports on 24/7 streaming channels
  • Watch exclusive coverage, highlights, replays, and original content. 
  • Stream live sports from phone, web, and TV screens.
  • Cast to the big screen via AirPlay, Chromecast, and other platform tools. 
  • Get the latest news and expert coverage on your favorite sports.
  • Personalize your experience by selecting your favorite sports, teams, and athletes.
  • Find and navigate event schedules, results, and rankings in a single click. 
  • Stay active with notifications and reminders. 
  • Create and engage with your community. 

Can I get FloSports for Free?

Yes, you can get Flosports for free as Flosports is a freemium streaming service supported on free and paid versions. Remember, the free version of Flosports will give you access to only basic features and block all Premium functionalities. Splash screens, pop-ups, and push notifications will interrupt smooth streaming. 

What Sports does FloSports Cover?

Flosports has a library of exclusive sports coverage offering over 25 different sports coverage, highlights, replays, original programming, and video-on-demand streaming. You will find the following sports on Flosports:-

  • Wrestling
  • Football
  • Grappling
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Varsity sports
  • Racing
  • Marching
  • Track
  • Cycling
  • Mile Split
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cheer
  • Fitness
  • Hockey
  • Rodeo
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Lacrosse
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Combat
  • Voice
  • Dirt on Dirt

Flosports Subscription

Flosports offers live sports streaming on monthly and annual subscriptions. If you wonder How Much Does FloSports Cost? FloSports is priced at $29.99 per month or $150 per year. If you pay annually, your monthly subscription to Flosports is reduced to $12.49. You can subscribe to Flosports in the following steps:-

  1. Visit the Flosports website or app, 
  2. Click Join Now on the home screen. 
  3. Choose the sport you want to stream on. 
  4. Provide your Email and password for Login
  5. Subscribe to Flosports by choosing a subscription plan and making payment for it. 
  6. Enjoy live sports streaming on Flosports on your chosen devices. 

Flosports Supported Devices

No matter, whether you opt for a free trial or have a Flosports subscription, you can stream sports live streaming on Flosports on the below-mentioned devices:-

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • iOS Devices
  • Android smartphones
  • Smart TVs
  • Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


FloSports Free Trial is one of the best options to delve into sports streaming with the most exciting streaming features. You can get a seven-day free trial only if you have provided your credit card information. This free trial enables you to stream sports with all basic and premium Flosports features but for a shorter period. To keep up with your sporty soul, it’s better to subscribe to Flosports monthly or yearly subscription plans to get the premium streaming experience. For more informative posts you can always count on Crickist.

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