Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Facts And Records, Stats, Pitch Report

Are you a die-hard cricket fan? You should witness a cricket match in Gaddafi Stadium. Cricket is enjoyed worldwide, and keeping up the devotion and passion for cricket, the authorities have built stadiums so that people can witness live matches and enjoy themselves. Pakistan has many stadiums; the most renowned is the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. This article will discuss Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Facts And Records.

Built in 1959, Lahore Gaddafi stadium is a remarkably iconic cricket stadium in Lahore. Nasreddin Murat Khan designed it. It was initially named Lahore Stadium. This stadium provides a remembrance of many historical cricket matches played nationally and internationally, including the World Cup, Test matches, ODI, T20, and PSL.  

The view and the ambiance of this stadium are worth visiting. This article gives a complete tour of Gaddafi stadium in Lahore, its location, sitting capacity, records, history, and much more. 

Lahore Gaddafi Stadium – Home of Qalandars

Lahore Gaddafi Stadium is the landmark of the city of gardens, Lahore. It is ranked as the 13th top-rated tourist attraction in Lahore. This stadium has become the heart of National and International cricket in Pakistan. Lahore Gaddafi stadium has welcomed many legendary players, one seen in the cricket world, and these players have contributed to the glory of this stadium. 

The headquarters of the Pakistan Cricket Board is situated at Gaddafi Stadium, thus making it the home of the Pakistan national cricket team. The country’s central training academy for cricket is also located here. It is the home ground of the PSL team Lahore Qalandars.

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Building & View

Its building is known for its red, hand-laid brickwork and arches, and it now resembles structures from the Mughal era due to its red brick appearance. The plastic seating is installed in place of the existing concrete benches. The lower portion under the stands was enclosed and converted to shops for boutiques and offices. 

Gaddafi Stadium was the first in Pakistan to be equipped with modern floodlights having standby power generators. It has modern facilities for media coverage. Additionally, there was a new press room with a seating capacity of 400 people, along with 30 hospitality rooms. Other additions to the stadium were team chambers, a warm-up area, and gym facilities. 

History of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

Gaddafi Stadium is a recognition of Pakistan worldwide. Civil engineer and architect Nasreddin Murat Khan designed it, and Mian Abdul Khaliq and Company completed its construction.  It is regarded as the Lahore Stadium, but in 1974, the stadium’s name was changed in honor of Muammar Qaddafi. This stadium was entirely renovated in 1995 to host the final of the World Cup in 1996. 

The first-ever test match occurred in 1959 while the Australian cricket team was touring Pakistan. The first One Day International (ODI) was played on this pitch in 1978 against England, which was affected by riots. 

On 3 March 2009, during the Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan, the Sri Lankan team was attacked by armed militants at Liberty Roundabout, near Gaddafi Stadium. Eight Sri Lankan players were injured, including Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene. This event brought a halt to international cricket in Pakistan.

In 2015, international cricket returned to Pakistan when the Zimbabwe cricket team visited Pakistan for Test matches and ODIs. The first-ever T-20 match was hosted in 2015 against Zimbabwe in this stadium. Pakistan made its win in Test matches and ODIs. 

Because of the PSL, Gaddafi stadium has again gained popularity. The stadium is the home ground for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) team, Lahore Qalandars, and hosts several matches for the series every year. Now, the people are anticipated to witness PSL 8 happening in Gaddafi Stadium. 

Gaddafi Stadium Location 

Located in Gulberg, Lahore, Gaddafi Stadium is hard to miss with its red brick boundary walls and prime location in Gulberg 3. Gaddafi Stadium is located on Hafeez Kardar Road and is easily accessible via Ferozepur Road, the hub of public transportation in Lahore.

The National Hockey Stadium and Punjab Athletics Stadium are located directly opposite the Gaddafi Stadium. The Punjab International Swimming Complex, Quaid e Azam International Cycling Velodrome, Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture, Alhamra Open Air Theatre, Nishtar Park Sports Complex, and the National Cricket Academy are some of the prominent landmarks surrounding the stadium.

Gaddafi Stadium Enclosures

There are 12 Gaddafi stadium enclosures, each designated with a characteristic color. The enclosures are named after the cricketing heroes and are enlisted below.

  • Intikhab Alam enclosure
  • Brothers Enclosure
  • Iqbal Qasim enclosure
  • Majid Khan Enclosure
  • Wasim Akram Enclosure
  • Wasim Bari Enclosure
  • Hanif Mohammad Enclosure
  • Waqar Hasan Enclosure
  • Imran Khan Enclosure
  • Nasimul Ghani Enclosure
  • Fazal Mahmood Enclosure
  • Zaheer Abbas Enclosure

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Capacity

This stadium is used for domestic and international cricket. It was considered Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium, but its sitting capacity was significantly reduced after renovation. Earlier it could accommodate 60,000 spectators. Currently, the Gaddafi Stadium can seat around 27,000 fans in its stands. 

Gaddafi Stadium Pitch Report, 

Is Gaddafi Stadium good for batting or bowling? Like National Stadium Karachi, the pitch at the Gaddafi Stadium is a batting paradise. Considering the quality of batters in both teams, a high-scoring encounter is definitely on the cards in Lahore. This pitch is a flat one where there is no help for the bowlers whatsoever.

Gaddafi Stadium Weather

The weather is most important in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Facts And Records. The weather conditions in Lahore change according to the seasons. Winter is the coldest, and summers are the hottest. The temperature range, rainfall, and dew depend on the season. In the winter, Lahore faces severe smog. 

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Facts And Records

Lahore Gaddafi stadium has hosted momentous cricket matches. Many test matches, ODIs, and T20 are played in this stadium. 

  • First Test Pakistan v Australia – Nov 21-26, 1959
  • Last Test Pakistan v Australia – Mar 21-25, 2022
  • First ODI Pakistan v England – Jan 13, 1978,
  • Last ODI Pakistan v Australia – Apr 2, 2022,
  • First T20I Pakistan v Zimbabwe – May 22, 2015,
  • Last T20I Pakistan v England – Oct 2, 2022,

ODI Statistics

  • Total Match Played: 63
  • Batting First Won: 32
  • Batting Second Won: 30
  • Tie: 1
  • Avg. Score in 1st bat: 252
  • Highest Score: Pakistan 375/3
  • Lowest Score: Pakistan 75/10

Scoring Pattern

  • Below Score 200: 11
  • A score between 200 and 249: 19
  • A score between 250 and 299: 22
  • Above Score 300: 11

T20I Statistics

  • Total Match Played: 17
  • Batting First Won: 9
  • Batting Second Won: 8
  • Tie: 0
  • Avg. Score in 1st bat: 168
  • Highest Score: England 209/3
  • Lowest Score: Pakistan 101/10

Scoring Pattern

  • Below Score 150: 5
  • The score between 150 and 169: 4
  • The score between 170 and 189: 6
  • Above Score 190: 2

T20 Domestic

  • Total Match Played: 32
  • Batting First Won: 19
  • Batting Second Won: 13
  • Tie: 0
  • Avg. Score in 1st bat: 173
  • Highest Score: Multan Sultans 245/3
  • Lowest Score: Quetta Gladiators 90/10

Scoring Pattern

  • Below Score 150: 6
  • The score between 150 and 169: 8
  • A score between 170 and 189: 10
  • Above Score 190: 8 

World Cups Record

1987 Cricket World Cup

16 October 1987
West Indies 216 (50 overs)vPakistan217/9 (50 overs)
4 November 1987
Australia 267/6 (50 overs)vPakistan249 (49.2 overs)

        1996 Cricket World Cup

26 February 1996
Netherlands 145/7 (50 overs)vPakistan 151/2 (30.4 overs)
Flavian Aponso 58Waqar Younis 4/26 (10 Overs)Saeed Anwar 83*Peter Cantrell 1/18 (4 overs)
Netherlands 216/9 (50 overs)vUnited Arab Emirates 220/3 (44.2 overs)
Peter Cantrell 47 (106)Shaukat Dukanwala 5/29 (10 overs)Saleem Raza 84 (68)Roland Lefebvre 1/24 (8 overs)
6 March 1996
Pakistan 281/5 (50 overs)vNew Zealand 235 (47.3 overs)
Saeed Anwar 62 (67) Robert Kennedy 1/32 (5 overs)Stephen Fleming 42 (43) Mushtaq Ahmed 2/32 (10 overs)
17 March 1996
Australia 241/7 (50 overs)vSri Lanka245/3 (46.2 overs)
Mark Taylor 74 (83)Aravinda de Silva 3/42 (9 overs)Aravinda de Silva 107 (124)Damien Fleming 1/43 (6 overs)

Gaddafi Stadium Tickets Price

Different matches have different ticket prices in this stadium. The same goes for the enclosure sitting. The PCB has fixed ticket prices at PKR3,000 for a VIP enclosure, PKR2,500 for a premium enclosure, PKR2,000 for a first-class enclosure, and PKR1,000 for a general enclosure.

Gaddafi Stadium Tickets Booking

You can book tickets online with these simple steps. 

Here’s how you can book your tickets for the upcoming matches:

  1. Head to to see the upcoming matches
  2. Select the match you want to book tickets for
  3. A new screen will slide out from the ride side of the screen, showing the number of seats available in different enclosures.
  4. Once you select the enclosure, a new window will open where you can select the seats available.
  5. Click on the seat you want to book
  6. Confirm your booking by clicking the “Book ME” button on the right.
  7. Enter your Name, Email address, Phone Number, and CNIC
  8. Enter the OTP you received on your phone
  9. Select your payment method and finalize the booking.

PSL in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

The PCB and ICC have played a significant role in improving international standards. The Gaddafi Stadium contributed a significant role in the history of PSL. It has hosted several matches of the Pakistan Super League, with the first being the final of the 2017 edition with a representation of PSL fans.  In PSL 2020, 14 matches were played here, including the Semi-Finals and the final. 

In March 2022, half of the tournament matches were conducted in this stadium. The PCB, in 2022, began changing the name of the Gaddafi Stadium to the name of a new sponsor for financial reasons.

Now Gaddafi’s stadium greets thousands of people from various cities and countries. Cricket fans love to gather here, especially during the most awaited Pakistan Super League. Gaddafi stadium is all set to host PSL 2023

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Lahore Stadium called Gaddafi?

In 1974, the ground was renamed in honor of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi following a speech he gave at the 2nd Organisation of the Islamic Conference meeting in Lahore in favor of Pakistan’s right to pursue nuclear weapons.

Is Gaddafi Stadium the largest stadium in Pakistan?

While it is Pakistan’s most famous cricket stadium, Gaddafi Stadium is not the largest anymore. Following renovations that modified its seating area, the stadium’s capacity has been reduced from 60,000 to 27,000 fans. The honor of being the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan is now bestowed upon the National Stadium in Karachi, which can accommodate 34,000 cricket fans at a time.


Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, has witnessed its share of memorable occasions in sporting history, including hat-tricks, a 281-run stand on the 5th wicket between Asif Iqbal and Javed Miandad, and many more. This guide discloses Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Facts And Records. Read this post to check out the location, pitch, weather, records, statistics, ticket booking, and much more about Lahore Gaddafi Stadium. 

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