HBL PSL Media Rights Skyrocketed: Broadcasting Up 45%, Live-Streaming Up 113% for 2024-25

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) unveils a groundbreaking turn of events that media rights Skyrocketed for the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024-25 seasons. In a transparent and competitive bidding process, ARY Communications secured the domestic broadcast rights, while Walee Technologies emerged victorious in the live-streaming category, ushering in a new era of cricketing entertainment.

Broadcast Rights Boom

ARY Communications, a leading media conglomerate in Pakistan, has sent shockwaves through the cricketing community with their winning bid, which boasts a staggering 45% increase over the previous cycle. This monumental leap means that PSL fans can expect to catch every thrilling moment of the tournament on ARY Sports and other affiliated channels, promising an immersive viewing experience.

In the words of PCB Chairman Najam Sethi, “The significant increase in the value of the HBL PSL media rights reflects the tremendous appeal of our league and the unwavering interest from our broadcasting partners. We are thrilled with this outcome.”

Live-Streaming Takes Off

In a parallel development, Walee Technologies, a digital media powerhouse, has set the stage on fire by securing the live-streaming rights with an astounding 113% increase compared to the previous cycle. This seismic shift underscores the growing preference for live-streamed content, particularly among the younger, digitally-savvy audience. Fans around the globe can now savor the PSL action through various online platforms, ensuring an uninterrupted cricketing extravaganza.

Beyond the immediate excitement, the surge in media rights translates into a substantial financial boost for cricket in Pakistan. The PCB can now allocate these funds towards player development, infrastructure enhancements, and other cricketing initiatives, bolstering the sport at every level.

PCB Press Release

In the PCB press release:

Chairman PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf: “I want to congratulate ARY, Walee Technologies, the Pakistan Cricket Board, its management committee and the franchises on this historic moment. HBL PSL is a huge brand and it has a massive fan following.

“It is an unprecedented moment as the prices for both of these rights are unmatched. This is a testament to the growth of the HBL PSL brand and we are all waiting for HBL PSL 9 to begin now.”

ARY Digital Founder and CEO, Salman Iqbal:

“I am delighted that ARY has once again come out as the highest financial bidder for HBL Pakistan Super League and that fans will be able to watch HBL PSL again on A Sports for the next two seasons.

“My team and I have always prioritised Pakistan and this bid process is another indication of the same where we have gone almost 50 per cent above the value we bid successfully in the previous cycle.

“Together with the Pakistan Cricket Board, ARY will work to further amplify the PSL brand in the next two seasons.”

Walee Technologies CEO and co-founder, Ahsan Tahir:

“We are honoured to have won the bid for HBL PSL ninth and tenth editions live-streaming media rights. Walee Technologies looks forward to taking the HBL PSL digital experience to the next level.

“We are in a position to make an investment of this magnitude because patriotic data-literate advertisers recognise that we are the only platform with the highest trust media touchpoints that attracts Gen Z and Gen Alpha customer segments.”

PSL Continues to Rise

These record-breaking media rights deals represent yet another milestone in the remarkable journey of the HBL PSL. The tournament has transcended boundaries to become one of the most celebrated cricket leagues worldwide. It has garnered increasing attention from international players and fans, solidifying its status as a cricketing powerhouse.

As anticipation mounts, cricket enthusiasts across the globe are counting down the days until the ninth edition of the HBL PSL kicks off in February 2024. With high-octane action, nail-biting finishes, and an electrifying atmosphere, the PSL promises to redefine cricketing entertainment for the 2024-25 season.

Stay tuned for comprehensive post-match analysis, expert insights, and an in-depth look at the bidding war that reshaped the PSL’s destiny. For additional cricket news and updates, visit Crickist, your go-to source for the latest cricketing developments.

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