How to Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal?

Asia Cup 2023 is happening soon. With all the preparations getting done for the event, if you are living in Nepal and have thoughts about How To Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal, read this guide. 

Asia Cup 2023 has finalized its broadcasting and streaming partners in Nepal. Star Sports and Hotstar have bagged Asia Cup 2023 telecast rights in Nepal. Local platforms like NetTv and Dish Media Home broadcast the cricket events live in Nepal. 

This guide will highlight the ways and platforms to watch Asia Cup 2023 in Asia Cup 2023. 

Where to Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal? 

Asia Cup 2023 is one of the significant cricket events between Asian cricketing countries. For the first time in Asia Cup history, Nepal has qualified for the 16th edition of Asia Cup 2023. Let’s watch the live-action on the following platforms in Nepal. 

Star Sports 

Star Network-owned Star Sports has secured broadcasting rights for Asia Cup 2023 in the Indian subcontinent countries, including Nepal. Asia Cup fans can watch the live moments on Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD, Star Sports Select 1 HD, Star Sports 2 (HD), and Star Sports Tamil.

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Star Sports is accessible on Dish tv in Nepal. Dish Tv is a set-top box containing national and international channels in HD quality. Once you have installed the Dish Tv box, you can tune into the following Star Sports channel numbers to watch Asia Cup 2023 in Nepal. 

Star Sports ChannelsDish TV Channel Numbers 
Star Sports Tamil603
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD606
Star Sports 1 Hindi607
Star Sports HD 2604
Star Sports HD 1602
Star Sports 2605
Star Sports 1603
Star Sports Select HD 1645
Star Sports Select 1646


Star Sports live streaming is available on Hotstar. Hotstar is one of the best sports streaming platforms. This streaming platform holds Asia Cup 2023 streaming rights in Nepal. Here you can watch Asia Cup 2023, live scores, match highlights, and other stuff with multiple language options and the best picture resolution at paid subscriptions. 

To watch Asia Cup 2023 on Hotstar in Nepal, you must use a VPN service to unblock Hotstar outside India. Express VPN has a Nepali IP address and it works best in Nepal. Download Express VPN, connect to the India server, launch Hotstar on your handheld devices, and watch Asia Cup 2023 live streaming. 


Get the live streaming of Nepal’s participation in national and international cricket events and tournaments exclusively on Daraz. Asia Cup 2023 will be live-streamed on Daraz which is one of the best apps to watch Asia Cup 2023. Nepali spectators can watch the event online on the Daraz website and app. During the match, the spectators can shop from Daraz at discounted prices. 

Net Tv 

Living in Nepal, you must be familiar with Net Tv. It is the foremost and first-ever OTT and IPTV service in Nepal. Net Tv is reachable as IPTV, Web TV, and Mobile App. You can watch and stream 200+ channels online on Net Tv in HD and SD quality. 

Net Tv offers Star Sports channels to broadcast Asia Cup 2023 live moments in Nepal. Net Tv comes in Standard Package and Prime Package subscription bundles. You should watch Asia Cup 2023 on a Net Tv set-top box that costs around Rs 450/month. NET Tv allows three device simultaneous streams on Net TV Cine+ and NET TV WEB TV. 

Dish Home Media 

In Nepal, Dish Home Media is a satellite television and internet service provider. Dish Home offers HD and SD channels as DTH and emerged as a Dish Home Fibernet for high-speed internet streaming. You can download Dish Home Go – an OTT app for Dish Home Media.  

Dish Home Media has agreed with Cricket Association Nepal to broadcast Nepali cricket events live. Further, Dish Home Media has a line-up of Star Sports channels like Star Sports 1 (501), Star Sports HD 1 (906), and Star Sports D 2 (907) on which you can catch Asia Cup 2023 live streaming. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nepal Playing in Asia Cup 2023?

Asia Cup 2023 is a contest between six Asian cricket countries. Five countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka have reserved their seats in the tournament. Nepal is the sixth team playing in Asia Cup 2023. Nepal has qualified for the Asia Cup for the first time. 

In Which Channel Cricket is Live in Nepal?

Cricket watching and streaming is common in Nepal. Many IPTV and OTT services are working to offer live sports. Net Tv and Dish Home Media contain Star Sports channels to broadcast live cricket in Nepal. 


Asia Cup 2023 has brought a wave of excitement to cricket fans. If you are curious about How To Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal, this guide is for you. It has described the various mediums to catch Asia Cup 2023 in Nepal. Star Sports, Hotstar, Daraz, Net Tv, and Dish Home Media are your go-to platforms to watch Asia Cup 2023 in Nepal. 

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