ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions

Which team are you supporting and cheering for in this ICC Cricket World Cup? The 13th edition of the much-anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup is rolling out soon. With the days approaching for the biggest cricket battle display, cricket fans across the globe buzz on ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions. 

ICC Cricket World will kick off from October 5 to November 19, 2023 in India. Ten teams, including India, Pakistan, England, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka will play nail-biting tournaments in the ODI format. 

This guide contains interesting prophecies and predictions flying in the air for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. 

Which Team is Most Likely to Win the Cricket World Cup 2023?

ICC Cricket World Cup has witnessed 12 unforgettable years in which each team has turned no stone left unturned to claim victory. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is set to display strong contenders and fierce players who know how to turn the game in their favor. Below is the summary of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions List.

Winning Factors Teams 
Favorite, Condition Advantage, Fans SupportIndia
Dominant and Balanced Team Squad (Defending Champions)England
Most Consistent and Successful Australia
Unpredictable TeamPakistan
The Emerging Cricket Teams that may Produce Biggest Surprise Bangladesh, Afghanistan 
Strong Lineups Teams to look forward to New Zealand, South Africa 
Good Chance to Win Sri Lanka 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions Team

ICC Cricket World Cup Teams are powerhouses of a strong squad, fierce players, exceptional skills, and complete control over the game. It is always tricky to foretell the favorites in a competitive tournament but ICC CWC teams have the aura to make a strong impact. If you are still confused about how to watch ICC CWC 2023, you may read our guide for best possible wayouts.

Favorite, Condition Advantage, Fans Support – India

What are ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions India?  Indian cricket fans are ecstatic to host the biggest cricket battle this year. India has the advantage of playing in the homeland with the massive support of its natives. Will India win the World Cup 2023? Men in Blue is an all-time favorite team of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and has the highest chance to win. 

Most Successful – Australia

Aussies have a strong gameplay experience in the cricket battle. They present electrifying skillful batting and bowling that lay down the opponent team in no time. Australia is the most successful team in the ICC Cricket World Cup history and is one of the most predicted teams to win ICC CWC 2023. 

Defending Champions – England

The current champions of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, England has its eyes set on lifting the ICC CWC 2023 trophy. This battle will not be a cup of tea but with the balanced squad and the leadership of the great captain Josh Buttler, England will make a remarkable win. 

Unpredictable Team – Pakistan

When Pakistan appears on the cricket ground, intrigue and uncertainty surround the atmosphere, making it the most unpredictable team in ICC CWC 2023. Pakistan has the knack of turning the game in its favor at the last moment. They can secure the ICC CWC 2023. 

Teams to Look Forward to – New Zealand and South Africa

New Zealand and South Africa have almost a similar journey in ICC CWC. Both teams have appeared several times in the Cricket World Cup and made it to the semifinals. New Zealand was the runner-up against England in ICC CWC 2019. New Zealand and South Africa can acquire the ICC CWC 2023 title because of their steadfast performances. 

Emerging Cricket Teams – Bangladesh and Afghanistan

Bangladesh and Afghanistan are the emerging teams in ICC CWC 2023. They have brilliant records of performing at their best in several cricket events. They understand the condition and they can prove to appear triumphant. 

Good Chance to Win – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the teams that secures a good chance to come triumphant in ICC CWC 2023. It has made it to the ICC CWC finals three times and has won the title once in ICC CWC 1996. It will be interesting to witness Sri Lanka securing a good position in ICC CWC 2023. 

Who is the Favorite to Win the Cricket World Cup 2023?

Cricket fans are drooling over witnessing ICC CWC 2023. India, Australia, and England, being the favorite teams are beating the predictions graph with India securing the highest winning percentage. Each team has something in it that will make it the best team. 

Who Will Win the 2023 World Cup Astrology Predictions?

Astrology says that India will lift the ICC CWC 2023 title. Many factors are in favor of India this year. India playing in the homeland, being the favorite of all, and lining up with strong players has the highest chance to come victorious in ICC CWC 2023. 


The craze for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is at its peak. Cricket enthusiasts are eager to catch and enjoy the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 to the fullest. This article about ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Favorites and Predictions will surely ignite a spark in your sporty soul. Till then, let’s hope for thrilling performances and unforgettable moments at ICC CWC 2023. Head to Crickist for more cricket-relevant updates.

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