Virat Kohli, the star Indian cricketer, has decided to skip the white-ball games on the upcoming South Africa tour. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed that Kohli, one of the best batters globally, will focus only on the two Test matches.

Why the Break?

Why the break? Well, Kohli wants to rest up and concentrate more on Test cricket where he’s been killing it lately. The BCCI supports his decision and says he’ll be back for the white-ball games in early 2024 against South Africa.

Fans are talking a lot about Kohli’s decision. Some say it’s smart to take a breather, while others wonder if he’s still into white-ball cricket. But hey, it’s Kohli’s call. He’s a cricket legend, and this break might just make him even better. In the 2023 Cricket World Cup, he topped the charts, scoring 765 runs at an impressive average of 85.00.

“He (Kohli) has informed the BCCI and selectors that he needs a break from white-ball cricket and he will get back to them about when he wants to play white ball cricket next. At the moment he has informed the BCCI that he will be playing red-ball cricket, which means he is available for selection for the two Test matches in South Africa,”

Kohli sitting out the white-ball games between Ind vs SA means other players get a chance to shine. Young guns in the team now have a shot to show what they’ve got at the big international level.

This break also shows how important it is for players to take it easy sometimes. Cricket is tough, and players need breaks to stay fresh and avoid getting hurt. The BCCI gets it, and they’re all for making sure players are in good shape.

So, what’s next? Fans are curious to see how Team India does without Kohli in the white-ball games. And when Kohli comes back, everyone’s excited to see him back in action, hitting those fours and sixes like only he can.

Cricket keeps us on our toes, and Kohli’s break is the latest twist. Let’s see what happens next in this cricket saga on Crickist!

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