Vodafone Idea New Packages with Free IPL 2023 Streaming

Residents of India must not complain about witnessing live IPL matches. India’s largest telecommunication company, Vodafone Idea, will not let anyone miss catching on to IPL live coverage as it has brought prepaid and postpaid plans for its customers. Vodafone Idea New Packages with Free IPL 2023 Streaming will amaze you. 

If you are an Indian, you must have an acquaintance with Vodafone Idea. It is an Indian telecom operator offering 3G, 4G, and 4G+ mobile and Wifi broadband services. Vodafone Idea came into being on August 31, 2018, and since then, it has shared a vast fellowship of subscribers. You can catch on to IPL 2023 live streaming via Vodafone mobile data on the Vodafone Tv app. 

Tune in to Vodafone Tv app by subscribing to the Vodafone prepaid and postpaid packages. This guide will give you compiled information on Vodafone Idea packages. 

Vodafone Idea New Packages with Free IPL 2023 Streaming 

Vodafone Idea is the world’s 11th and India’s largest mobile telecommunications network. It represents the joint venture of Vodafone India and Idea Cellular, named Vodafone Idea Limited. If you are a resident of India and are already a Vodafone Idea customer, you have a great chance of catching on to free IPL 2023 live streaming in India. 

IPL live streaming is available in India on many streaming sites online. These streaming sites are accessible through the internet and mobile data packages easily. These Free Live Cricket Streaming Apps include Disney + Hotstar, Star Sports, SonyLiv, Jio Tv, and Vodafone Tv. Vodafone Idea offers budget-friendly prepaid and postpaid plans for its customers. 

Vodafone Prepaid Plans

You should rely on Vodafone Idea, one of the 5 Best subscription plans to watch IPL 2023 Live Streaming on your devices anytime and anywhere. Vodafone specifically offers mobile data for Hotstar subscriptions. 

INR 401 Plan

Vodafone always cares for its customers. It aims to provide pocket-friendly packages. The low-priced prepaid plan is an INR 401 plan. You can live stream a lot of content through this data plan. This plan will give you 100 GB of data (3 GB/day + 100 GB), free unlimited calls, and 100 SMSes/day. 

You will be astonished to know that by applying this plan, you can get a free VIP subscription of one year to Disney+Hotstar. In this way, you can live stream IPL matches on the Hotstar app for free. 

INR 501 Plan

You should avail of the monthly mobile data packages, which let you access a lot of content. Vodafone Idea’s INR 501 plan is not the best-prepaid plan. It only offers 75 GB data for 56 days and a 1-year Disney+ Hotstar subscription, and if you are expecting to get any free minutes or data, you are in the wrong place.  

INR 601 Plan

If Vodafone Idea’s INR 401 plan suits your pocket, you should also subscribe to the INR 601 plan because it is the upgraded version of the former plan. The data package in the INR 601 plan is similar to the former one; you will also be facilitated with 200 GB data for 56 days, including 3 GB data/day + 32 GB and VIP accessibility to Disney+Hotstar and Vodafone Tv live app. 

INR 801 Plan

If you are a Vodafone customer, you must know that the INR 801 plan is the most expensive prepaid package on the list. It offers exclusive mobile data packages, including 300 GB for 84 days, ensuring fast-speed live streaming. The data includes 3 GB/day plus the 48 GB.

Vodafone Postpaid Plans

Vodafone Idea New Packages with Free IPL 2023 Streaming brings you different packages. After learning about the Prepaid plans of Vodafone, you can also look at the Vodafone Postpaid Plans to have a better mindset for catching on to IPL 2023 Streaming via Vodafone. 

INR 499 per Month

Mobile data packages are now more than just accessing calls and SMS. INR 499 per month is the cheapest postpaid plan you ever avail. You will get a free subscription to Disney + Hotstar, 75 GB of data (200 GB rollover), 100 SMSes/month, and unlimited calls through this plan. 

INR 699 Plan

If fast-speed live streaming is your main concern, you must go for Vodafone Idea’s INR 699 plan. This plan is the exact copy of the previous plan, but a significant difference separates both packages. Here you will get unlimited data instead of 75 GB data. 

INR 1099 Plan (REDX)

Vodafone Idea’s best postpaid package is INR 1099 Plan, also known as REDX. You must subscribe to this plan firsthand because it will give you subscriptions to live streaming sites, mainly Hotstar, unlimited data, unlimited calls, and 100 SMSes/month. 

Vodafone Prepaid and Postpaid Plans PriceOffers 
Prepaid Plans

 INR 401 plan
Disney + Hotstar VIP.3GB data/ day + 16GB additional data.100 SMS.Unlimited calls.Accessible for 28 days.

INR 501 plan
Disney + Hotstar VIP 75 GB data.Valid for 56 days.

INR 601 plan
Disney+ Hotstar VIP3GB data/ day + 48GB additional data.100 SMS.Unlimited calls.Durable for 56 days.
INR 801 planDisney+ Hotstar VIP3GB data/ day + 48GB additional data.100 SMS.Unlimited calls.Valid for 84 days.
Postpaid Plans
INR 499 per monthSubscription to Disney+ Hotstar, 75 GB of data (200 GB rollover), 100 SMSes/month, and unlimited calls
INR 699 PlanDisney+Hotstar VIP AccessUnlimited Data, SMS, and Calls
INR 1099 Plan (REDX)subscriptions to live streaming sites (Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, Vodafone Tv app, Netflix), unlimited data, unlimited calls, 100 SMSes/month.

Vodafone TV Live

Vodafone Idea is growing its services tremendously to provide its users with quality content. For this reason, it has developed the Vodafone vT app. This app is an OTT platform offering entertainment of different genres par excellence. 

You must remember that you cannot stream any IPL live match directly on the Vodafone Tv app as it has no partnership rights secured with Star Sports. Streaming IPL Live coverage on the app will automatically redirect to Hotstar if you have availed of a specific Vodafone recharge plan.

For this reason, you must have both apps, Hotstar and Vodafone Tv, installed on your phone. Both apps are available on the store and are supported on various devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Has the Streaming Rights to IPL 2023?

BCCI has finalized IPL’s official broadcasting partners and granted streaming rights to national and international Tv channels and apps. Star Sports network proudly secures IPL’s broadcasting rights. Hotstar has partnered with Star Sports. You can see the IPL live matches on Star Sports via Hotstar. 

Where Can I Watch IPL For Free?

Many websites are offering IPL live streaming. If you are a resident of India, you can approach these sites for free to access IPL live tournaments. Some of the known websites are:-

Bottom Line

Vodafone Idea is the largest telecommunication network providing mobile data and broadband services. During the IPL season, India’s Vodafone Idea offers the best experience of free IPL 2023 live streaming via its not-so-pricey mobile data plans. Avail of Vodafone’s specific recharge plans and get going with your IPL live coverage on your favorite streaming site, Hotstar, or the Vodafone Tv app. This guide has explained Vodafone Idea’s prepaid and postpaid plans in detail, along with the Vodafone Tv app. 

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