ACB Revises Decision: Allowing Mujeeb, Naveen, and Farooqi in T20 Leagues with New Terms

The Afghanistan Cricket Board initially revoked No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Naveen-ul-Haq, and Farooqi, effectively barring them from participating in global T20 leagues for two years. This decision was in response to their request to be relieved of their central contracts.

However, following an investigation and the players’ expressed desire to represent Afghanistan, the ACB reversed this decision, allowing them limited participation in T20 leagues under new conditions​​​​.

New Conditions for Participation

While the ACB revised sanctions on Three Players and allowed them to participate in T20 leagues, this comes with specific new regulations:

  • Final Warning and Salary Deduction: The players have received a final written warning and will face a salary deduction from their monthly earnings and/or match fees.
  • Limited NOCs: The issuance of NOCs will be strictly considered by the ACB, prioritizing national duty and the board’s interests.
  • Central Contract Inclusion: The players may be granted central contracts, subject to strict performance and discipline monitoring in events

ACB Chairman Mirwais Ashraf emphasized the importance of adherence to regulations and prioritizing the prestige of Afghanistan Cricket. He expressed hope that the players would avoid future issues and represent the country in the best manner.

He said: “The players have undoubtedly contributed to the team’s success and have represented the nation to the best of their values. We hope that they avoid making similar inconveniences in the future as we expect them to represent the country in the best of manners.”

“The ACB and the rules are above all of us and it’s important to adhere to the regulations because there are no exceptions for anyone in this regard. However, such cases of a similar nature would be dealt with more strictly as we prioritize the prestige of the Afghanistan Cricket and the organization.” He said.

This decision reflects the ACB’s recognition of the players’ contributions to Afghan cricket and their importance to the national team​​​​.

Naveen is facing a 20-month ban from ILT20 already which brings more concerns here. Overall, the ACB’s move to relax previous restrictions while implementing new regulatory measures indicates a balanced approach, considering both the players’ aspirations and the board’s commitment to maintaining discipline and national cricketing priorities.

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