Bugti Stadium Quetta Stats And Records – Could Be a Fifth Venue of PSL

Sport is a part of culture and civilization. Among many sports, cricket shares a considerable fan base, especially in Asian Countries. Numerous stadiums are built in the major cities of Pakistan to ensure that cricket is promoted and played well. Bugti Stadium Quetta is a landmark of Quetta city and could be the fifth venue of PSL. Let’s go into details of Bugti Stadium Quetta Stats And Records.

Bugti Stadium Quetta is the oldest cricket ground in Balochistan. It is mainly used for national-level cricket. According to historical records, the stadium was established in 1954. The stadium remained deserted for quite a long time, but as per the PCB reports, now it will host PSL matches. 

Give this post a read to learn about Bugti Stadium Quetta, its history, location, audience capacity, pitch reports, and cricket stats. 

Bugti Stadium Quetta – Home Ground of Quetta Gladiators 

Cricket is loved and watched across the globe. Cricket stadiums give you the experience of witnessing a cricket match that you never had in your life. Bugti Cricket Stadium is the home ground of PSL franchise Quetta Gladiators. Moreover, all the home games are played here. 

Bugti Stadium Quetta was called Racecourse Ground until 1989. The first recorded match was played on the ground on 29 October 1954, the year it was established. The stadium is under the management of PCB. This stadium will be a venue for hosting PSL matches. 

“I am delighted that seven years after launching the Pakistan Super League, I am today announcing our commitment to add Bugti Stadium in Quetta as the fifth venue for our marquee event,”

Sethi was quoted as saying in a press release by the PCB Quetta as 5th venue of PSL.

History of Bugti Stadium,

Many domestic games have been held in the Bugti Stadium since 1954 but not regularly. The main reason for its inconsistent use is the weather condition which gets extremely cold in winter. The stadium was overlooked because of the poor infrastructure and the security reasons of Balochistan. This stadium has witnessed huge gaps in conducting cricket tournaments. 

PCB received an ownership contract of Bugti Stadium in 2001 under a contract that required the stadium to be renovated and maintained. The stadium was rebuilt in 2002. The stadium was actually a local government property. Since the contract, PCB has managed the stadium. This stadium does not have floodlights. 

In September 2019, the Pakistan Cricket Board named it as one of the venues to host matches in the 2019–20 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. Balochistan played four games at Bugti Stadium in 2019-20 – the first first-class games in Balochistan since 2008. Between 1954 and 2008, the ground hosted twenty-two first-class matches.

Bugti Stadium is only one of three venues in Pakistan that have been used for eight Women’s Test matches, all featuring Indian women against Pakistan women in 12 days of playing time over six Tests. It last held a Women’s Test match in 2003.

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Bugti Stadium – Location

The Nawab Akhtar Khan Bugti Stadium is located near the Ayub stadium, Hudda Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. 

Bugti Stadium – Audience Capacity 

One of the leading cricket stadiums in Quetta, Bugti Stadium, can accommodate 10,000 spectators. The stadium was overlooked and is not used regularly. The stadium was rebuilt in 2002. 

Bugti Stadium – Pitch Report 

Bugti stadium faces heavy snowfall due to the icy winter conditions in Quetta. The pitch is favorable for batters. Before PSL 8, the stadium and its pitch will be improved and maintained. 

Bugti Stadium Quetta Stats And Records

The inaugural first-class match was played at Race Course Ground (now Bugti Stadium) between Balochistan and Sindh on October 29-31, 1954. Mohammad Munaf and Amir Ghauri were on the batting line and helped Sindh compile a comprehensive total despite Akhtar Khan’s good bowling.

Summarized Scores: Sindh 295 (Mohammad Munaf 73, Akbar Khan 6-81) and 107 (Mohammad Munaf 45). Balochistan 223, (Akbar Khan 54) and 126 (K.M. Akhtar Khan 57). Sindh won by 53 runs.

The inaugural One-day International match was played between hosts Pakistan and India on October 1, 1978. The Indian total had seemed inadequate despite a brisk 50 from Mohinder Amarnath.

Majid Khan and Zaheer Abbas appeared to be leading Pakistan to victory when Mohinder Amarnath bowled them quickly. Bedi’s captaincy and field placing became a reason for India’s victory, the first they had achieved over a Test-playing country in limited-overs cricket.

The last ODI at Quetta was played between Pakistan and Zimbabwe on October 29, 1996. Wasim Akram became the first bowler to take 300 wickets in One-day Internationals in his 208th match when he trapped Houghton with his fourth ball of the match.

They made an excellent recovery, thanks to the Flower brothers, who added 143; Grant Flower’s gritty 91 took just 94 balls. But Pakistan was steered home by Saleem Malik, an unbeaten 72 from 77 balls. Hasan Raza made his debut at the age of 14 years.

Highest total recorded239/7 (49.1 Ov) by PAK vs. ZIM
Highest score chased239/7 (49.1 Ov) by PAK vs. ZIM

Which is the Biggest Stadium in Pakistan?

National Stadium Karachi is the biggest stadium in Pakistan, with a seating capacity of approx 35,000 seats in 12 enclosures. It is situated at the heart of Karachi on the National Road. However, Bugti Stadium is not big enough to accommodate many spectators. But representing cricket passion, Bugti stadium has a special place in the hearts of cricket fans of Balochistan. 

Which stadium is the oldest in Pakistan?

Pakistan has always supported and promoted cricket on national and international levels. There are many cricket stadiums established in the major cities of Pakistan. Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot, is the oldest cricket ground in Pakistan. Bugti Stadium is the oldest cricket stadium in Quetta. 


Bugti Stadium remained on the darker side for most years of its establishment. The stadium has been inconsistently used, and mainly the national level cricket is played here. With the onset of PSL 8, the Bugti Stadium Quetta will rise to glory. This guide on Bugti Stadium Quetta Stats And Records has overlooked the history, location, audience capacity, pitch reports, and cricket stats of Bugti Stadium. 

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