Asia Cup 2023 India Squad – Indian Cricket Team’s Players List

India has revealed its strong squad for the 2023 Asia Cup, led by Rohit Sharma. Asia Cup 2023 India Squad blends experienced players like Kohli and Jadeja with fresh talents SKY and Tilak Varma. This mix of skills and youth promises an action-packed Asia Cup 2023 with surprises and thrilling moments from Indian cricket.

Jump into Know who is Asia Cup 2023 India squad captain and what are some new players on the team. In addition, you will learn about the experience and ODI records of the players picked for Asia Cup 2023.

Asia Cup 2023 India squad BCCI Team List with ODI Records

Here’s the Indian Cricket Team Squad for Asia Cup 2023 along with their previous ODI records:

PlayerPrevious ODI Records
Rohit Sharma (Captain)Matches: 227, Runs: 9205, Avg: 49.27, SR: 88.92, 100s: 29
Shubman GillMatches: 10, Runs: 440, Avg: 48.88, SR: 83.44, 100s: 0
Virat KohliMatches: 254, Runs: 12169, Avg: 59.07, SR: 93.25, 100s: 43
Shreyas IyerMatches: 26, Runs: 805, Avg: 47.35, SR: 103.01, 100s: 1
KL RahulMatches: 47, Runs: 1771, Avg: 47.97, SR: 87.04, 100s: 3
Suryakumar YadavMatches: 14, Runs: 512, Avg: 46.54, SR: 83.36, 100s: 0
Tilak VarmaUncapped Player
Ishan KishanMatches: 10, Runs: 396, Avg: 49.50, SR: 108.56, 100s: 1
Hardik Pandya (VC)Matches: 65, Runs: 1500, Avg: 29.41, SR: 115.71, 100s: 0
Ravindra JadejaMatches: 174, Runs: 2414, Avg: 31.81, SR: 85.21, 100s: 0
Axar PatelMatches: 42, Runs: 675, Avg: 28.12, SR: 99.26, 100s: 0
Shardul ThakurMatches: 24, Runs: 166, Avg: 13.83, SR: 100.00, 100s: 0
Jasprit BumrahMatches: 67, Wickets: 118, Avg: 23.14, Econ: 4.51
Mohammed ShamiMatches: 87, Wickets: 147, Avg: 25.42, Econ: 5.54
Mohammed SirajMatches: 9, Wickets: 17, Avg: 30.05, Econ: 6.00
Kuldeep YadavMatches: 65, Wickets: 107, Avg: 24.29, Econ: 5.17
Prasidh KrishnaMatches: 9, Wickets: 14, Avg: 31.14, Econ: 5.95
Sanju Samson (Traveling stand-by player)Matches: 7, Runs: 83, Avg: 13.83, SR: 112.16, 100s: 0

Asia Cup 2023 India Squad Images

Analysis of the Indian Cricket Team for the Asia Cup 2023

From August 30 to September 17, the Asia Cup 2023 is set to captivate fans in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Cricketing giants from the subcontinent, including Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, will engage in intense matches following a round-robin format. Here is what the Indian Cricket Team looks like:

Leading from the Front – Rohit Sharma Takes Charge

Guiding the team is the remarkable Rohit Sharma, a leader known for his strategic thinking and dynamic batting. Over the years, Sharma has become one of the game’s most charismatic captains. With his extensive experience, he’s aiming to steer India to an unprecedented third Asia Cup victory. His strong influence on and off the field is boosting the team’s confidence and determination.

Virat Kohli’s Comeback – IMPACTFUL

Virat Kohli, a cricket superstar, is stepping onto the field with a point to prove after a period of lower performance. His unwavering dedication to the game and his skills as a batsman makes him a central figure in India’s pursuit of glory. Kohli’s return to form could be the spark that ignites India’s chances of winning the championship.

Emerging Talents Ready to Shine

Injecting youthful energy into the team is the impressive Shreyas Iyer. He’s been in exceptional form, scoring runs with the poise of a seasoned player. His presence is expected to strengthen India’s batting lineup and add vibrancy to their approach.

Joining the squad is the agile wicketkeeper-batsman, KL Rahul. Overcoming an injury setback, he’s back in the ODI team. His swift movements behind the stumps and his ability to score runs consistently provide an extra layer of depth to India’s batting lineup.

Dominant Bowling Duo as Bumrah and Shami

Two standout fast bowlers, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami, form the heart of India’s bowling prowess. Bumrah’s skill in swing and seam, combined with Shami’s experience in maintaining a disciplined line and length, make them a formidable duo. Their collaboration will be crucial in limiting opponents’ scores and influencing the course of matches.

All-Round Talents As Jadeja and Pandya

Ravindra Jadeja, a versatile all-rounder, adds balance to India’s lineup. His remarkable fielding, precise bowling, and spirited batting contribute diverse strengths to the team. Hardik Pandya, an explosive player, has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. His powerful batting and disciplined bowling make him an essential part of India’s success equation.

Emerging Players and New Faces

India’s squad not only features experienced campaigners but also newcomers. The rising star Suryakumar Yadav, celebrated in T20 cricket, is looking to replicate his success in ODIs. Additionally, uncapped players like Tilak Varma and Prasidh Krishna bring an element of curiosity, eager to prove their mettle on the international stage.

Potential Challenges of Indian Cricket Team Asia Cup 2023 Squad

In conclusion, the Indian cricket team’s squad for the Asia Cup 2023 faces potential challenges including:

  1. Inexperienced middle order.
  2. Lack of specialized leg-spinner.
  3. Dependence on key players.
  4. Untested batting adaptability.
  5. ONLY Reliance on Bumrah and Shami in fast bowling.
  6. Uncertain all-around balance.
  7. Lack of experience in backup options.

Asia Cup 2023 India Squad in Hindi

निश्चित रूप से, यहाँ 2023 एशिया कप के लिए भारतीय टीम के खिलाड़ियों के नाम हैं:

  1. रोहित शर्मा
  2. शुभमन गिल
  3. विराट कोहली
  4. श्रेयस आयर
  5. केएल राहुल
  6. सुर्यकुमार यादव
  7. तिलक वर्मा
  8. ईशान किशन
  9. हार्दिक पंड्या
  10. रवींद्र जडेजा
  11. अक्सर पटेल
  12. शार्दुल ठाकुर
  13. जसप्रित बुमराह
  14. मोहम्मद शमी
  15. मोहम्मद सिराज
  16. कुलदीप यादव
  17. प्रसिद्ध कृष्णा
  18. संजू सैमसन (पूरक)

Why Shubman Gill is not playing Asia Cup?

Fact Check: Shubman Gill is playing in Asia Cup 2023. Shubman Gill’s inclusion in India’s Asia Cup 2023 squad initially faced confusion due to an error by Star Sports. However, BCCI clarified his presence later. The team, led by Rohit Sharma and vice-captained by Hardik Pandya, boasts a strong lineup including Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, and others. The tournament runs from August 30 to September 17 in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


In short, India’s cricket team for the 2023 Asia Cup is strong but has some weaknesses. These problems show that the team’s leaders must plan well and fix these issues to do well in the tournament. The team has good players, but they need to work together and be prepared to succeed.

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