How to Watch Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?

If you are a cricket enthusiast residing in Saudi Arabia, you must have a reminder in your mind that the new edition of Asia Cup 2023 is around the corner. If you are cautious about How To Watch Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia, this guide is for you. 

Asia Cup 2023 live streaming will reach Saudi Arabia through designated broadcasting and streaming partners. Cricket viewers can watch Asia Cup 2023 on E-vision, Starzplay, and CricLife MAX via Elife TV and Switch TV in Saudi Arabia. 

Keep note of this guide to watch Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia. 

Which Channel is showing Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia KSA? 

The following are the channels and ways to watch Asia Cup 2023 (IND vs. Pak Match)in Saudi Arabia. 


Designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, FuboTV is a premier streaming service that excels in delivering sports content. Offering flexibility, you can enjoy the Asia Cup 2023 on FuboTV using your TV, smartphone, or tablet. With the option of both monthly and yearly subscriptions, you can tailor your viewing experience to your preferences.


A part of Etisalat Group or e&, E-Vision is the largest platform for live TV channels and OTT platforms. It is a comprehensive medium to reach out to your content needs. E-Vision secures Asia Cup 2023 rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

For sports live streaming, E-Vision has a range of sports content available on CricLife Channels via eLife TV, Switch TV, and Starzplay. CricLife Channels are exclusive to provide coverage of major cricket events like the Asia Cup, ICC events, and league matches to its viewers. 

YouTube TV

Another fantastic option is YouTube TV, which not only provides live TV channels but also includes BeIN Sports in its lineup. Watching the Asia Cup 2023 on YouTube TV is as easy as firing up the app on your TV, smartphone, or tablet. The convenience and quality of streaming make it an attractive choice for avid cricket fans.


StarzPlay is a streaming service offering a library of on-demand content, be it entertainment, sports, news, and other genres. Starz Play is the recognized streaming partner of Asia Cup 2023 and one of the best apps to watch the Asia Cup in the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia.  

Starz Play offers access to CricLife channels and serves with its streaming service for Asia Cup 2023. In Saudi Arabia, a weekly subscription costs 11.5 SAR /week, and a monthly subscription costs 45 SAR /month on StarzPlay. 

  1. Get started by downloading the STARZ PLAY Application on your preferred devices. 
  2. Sign up with your email or phone number. 
  3. Select your subscription plan (Weekly or Monthly) and proceed toward payment transaction. 
  4. Enter your STC mobile number and confirm the OTP code. 
  5. Enjoy Asia Cup 2023 streaming on Starzplay. 

OSN Sports 

Get Asia Cup 2023 live streaming dubbed in Arabic on OSN Sports in Saudi Arabia. OSN Sports is one of the official broadcasting channels of Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia. Further, OSN Cricket is the dedicated channel by OSN Sports to telecast Asia Cup 2023. 

OSN Sports is a pay TV broadcast channel available on cable and satellite networks. And OSN+ is the ultimate streaming platform for accessing OSN Sports. Here you can watch Asia Cup 2023  online on your handheld devices. It costs SAR 39 in Saudi Arabia. 

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Watch Asia Cup 2023 on Dish TV in Saudi Arabia 

Dish TV is a satellite TV network providing national and international HD TV channels around the globe via satellite transmission. And Dish TV is your go-to and the most feasible way to watch Asia Cup 2023 on TV. Dish TV offers a line-up of sports channels. 

Asia Cup 2023 broadcasting channels like Star Sports, PTV Sports, Geo Super, and Willow TV, are available on Dish TV. Get the Dish TV set-top box installed on your TV, tune into the following, and have an enjoyable Asia Cup 2023 watching experience in Saudi Arabia. 

Dish Tv Sports Channels Channel Numbers 
Willow Tv9997 (HD) / 712 (auto HD/SD), Willow Xtra Channel 772
ESPN140 (HD)
Star Sports Star Sports Hindi 1 HD: 606 Star Sports HD 1: 602Star Sports HD 2: 604Star Sports 2: 605Star Sports 1: 603Star Sports Tamil: 603

PTV Sports 666
Geo Super 747
BeIN Sports 392

Watch Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia using a VPN

Catch on to Asia Cup 2023 on your favorite platforms in Saudi Arabia using VPN. VPN service hides your actual location and makes it look like you are residing in the country of the streaming platform you are browsing. This way, you are not perishing copyright policies. 

Proton VPN, SPL VPN, and PIA VPN are some of the best VPN services in Saudi Arabia. Grab your devices, change your location status using a reliable VPN, and watch Asia Cup 2023 on Willow TV, Hotstar, Sky Sports, or your chosen platforms in Saudi Arabia. 

1. Choosing a Reliable VPN Provider

Embark on your Asia Cup journey by enlisting the services of a reputable VPN provider. Opt for those with a steadfast reputation and an extensive network of servers sprawled across the very countries where the Asia Cup battles unfold. This choice ensures a seamless connection and access to your desired streaming platforms.

2. Downloading and Installing the VPN Application

Once you’ve selected your VPN provider, proceed to download and install their dedicated application on your preferred device. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, the application becomes your gateway to a world of cricket excitement.

3. Connecting to the Right Server

With the VPN application now part of your arsenal, open it and establish a connection with a server situated in the country entrusted with broadcasting rights for the Asia Cup. To illustrate, if you aspire to tap into platforms like Hotstar India, align your virtual presence with an Indian server.

4. Unlocking the Streaming Service

The VPN’s magic comes to life as you seamlessly gain access to the streaming service that clinched the rights to bring the Asia Cup 2023 to your screen. You’re now primed to bask in the visual and auditory splendor of the tournament.

5. Immersion in the Tournament Tapestry

Armed with your VPN-enabled connection, you’re poised to immerse yourself wholly in the riveting matches and the drama they unveil. Each boundary, each wicket, and every spectacular catch can now be enjoyed in real-time splendor as if you were in the stands yourself.

Best Alternatives to Watch Asia Cup 203 Live in KSA (Saudi Arabia) 

You can rely on these apps and streaming services for the best experience of Asia Cup:

How Can I Watch Live Cricket in Saudi?

All the major cricket events like ICC CWC, Asia Cup, and other leagues will be live-streamed on broadcasting and streaming platforms in Saudi Arabia., OSN Sports, BeIN Sports, Switch TV, CricLife MAX, and Starzplay via Evision are notable ways to watch cricket in Saudi Arabia. 

Where Can You Watch the Asia Cup? 

The majority of cricket fans catch on to Asia Cup live streaming on broadcasting channels and streaming platforms. You can watch the Asia Cup on your designated TV channels and streaming sites available in your region or access them outside the available area using a VPN. 

Bottom Line

Are you searching for How To Watch Asia Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia? This guide comprehensively explains the broadcasting and streaming platforms to watch Asia Cup 2023 in Asia Cup. E-Vision, Starz Play, and OSN Sports are the most notable in this regard. The other ways to watch Asia Cup 2023 are Dish TV and streaming sites unavailable in Saudi Arabia using VPN. Save the date for Asia Cup 2023 and watch it enthusiastically. 

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