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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most significant cricket leagues worldwide and a great source of enjoyment for cricket fans. Moreover, cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Moreover, Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but we have seen players fighting in cricket matches. Therefore, This article will discuss the 5 Biggest Fights in IPL History. 

We all witness quality games, mind-blowing innings, unexpected shorts, and thrilling battles in the IPL. In addition, we have all seen some unexpected hot moments and fights in the IPL. Below are the biggest fights in IPL history. 

Biggest Fights In IPL

Harbhajan Singh vs Ambati Rayudu (IPL 2016)

The fight in IPL between Harbhajan Singh and Ambati Rayudu is one of the famous fights in the IPL. It is an incident of IPL 2016, the 29th match between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants on 1 May 2016.

After winning the toss, Mumbai Indians invited Rising Pune Supergiants to bat first. The players of Rising Pune Supergiants were batting so fine. Therefore, in the 11th over of the first inning. 

The clash started when Saurabh Tiwary faced the fourth ball of the over and played toward the mid-wicket. Ambati Rayudu was the fielder at deep mid-wicket, he tried to stop the ball, but due to misfield, he couldn’t stop the boundary.

Therefore, the bowler Harbhajan Sing abused the fielder on misfielding. Therefore, Ambati Rayudu showed the same anger to Harbhajan Sing, and both approached each other with the intent of fighting. 

Everyone watching the live-action thought they would beat each other. Harbhajan Sing was a senior player, and he tried to calm Ambati Rayudu then Ambati walked away with an angry face. It was one of the most severe moments in IPL history.

In 2018, in an interview, Rayudu asked, “I am very ashamed of the incident, and I have apologized to Bhajji Bhai many times.” Therefore, being a senior player, Harbhajan Sing responded, “I should have understood Rayudu’s effort as a senior player. But I angrily scolded him. There was something wrong with me.” 

Sourav Ganguly vs Shane Warne in IPL 2008

IPL 2008 was the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League. A clash between Sourav Ganguly and Shane Warne became a hot topic in the first season of the IPL. In Jaipur, on 1 May 2008, a match between KKR and RR is remembered due to a fight between Sourav Ganguly and Shane Warne. 

RR batted first and set a big total of 196 on board. Therefore, Ganguly was the captain of KKR and was on their way to chasing the total. Ganguly played a ball, and a mid-wicket fielder took a challenging catch. Therefore, Sourav doubted the catch and asked the on-field umpire for a review while RR celebrated taking Ganguly’s wicket. Due to not having a clear camera view, the Third umpire announced it was not out on the big screen as a benefit of a doubtful catch. 

Moreover, Shane Warne came into an argument with the umpire and also targeted Sourav Ganguly, saying justice would prevail one day. All these arguments are recorded in a mic placed in the stumps. When the match ended, Sourav Ganguly’s lead team faced defeat.

Therefore, In an after-match conference, Warn said, “I was disappointed because we signed that wall about the spirit of cricket in Bangalore. An international captain like Graeme Smith said it was a clean catch, and Rudy agreed. The players cannot ask the umpire to refer a dismissal to the third umpire. But Sourav asked the Indian umpire to go for a TV replay. “

Later, Ganguly responded, “Is it against the spirit of cricket to complain about a dropped catch? He has no moral right to speak about the spirit of cricket. And I told the umpire that it was a dropped catch, not ask him to refer to the third umpire.”

Before this incident, these two players have clashed many times in International Cricket. Both players were fined 10 percent of the match fees for violating the cricket code of conduct after the match. 

Munaf Patel vs Amit Mishra (IPL 2011)

Munaf Patel and Amit Mishra are both senior players of Indian cricket. We have seen Munaf and Amit involved in a clash in IPL 2011. Amit Mishra is one of the famous Indian Bowlers and known for his outstanding bowling skills. In a match in IPL 2011, Amit faced Munaf in the last over and hit some boundaries. 

Therefore, Munaf Patel spoke about Amit Mishra, and later, both players exchanged words and collided, which is remembered as one of the guilty fights in the IPL. Therefore, the Umpires came into the argument and separated them. Hence, in the fourth season of IPL, a fight between two famous Indian cricket players, Munaf Patel and Amit Mishra, becomes the headline. 

Mitchell Starc vs Kieron Pollard (IPL 2014)

Kieren Pollard has always been seen involved in fights on the cricket ground. In the IPL 2014, a fight between Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard is also a guilty moment in IPL history. Pollard is a power hitter, and he can face any bowler easily. The same was the case when he faced Mitchell Starc in IPL 2014. The clash started when Starc ran a for delivery in the last overs, and pollard left the stumps and walked away. 

For a fast bowler, running long for a ball is hard-working; if the batter leaves the ball, it could turn the bowler into anger. Similarly, Starc throws the ball with the intent to hit the pollard. Therefore in reaction, Pollard threw his bat to hit Starc, which landed just in front of Mitchell Starc. 

Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard both are known as aggressive players. Therefore, Kiron Pollard ran out after a few balls and didn’t make an effort to save his wicket. 

S Sreesanth vs Harbhajan Singh (IPL 2008)

S Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh, one of the top IPL Spinners, are both aggressive players of India. A clash between Harbhajan Sing and S Sreesanth is very famous, and probably every IPL fan is well aware of that incident. In IPL 2008, Harbhajan Sing from Mumbai Indians and S Sreesanth from Kings XI Punjab were involved in an altercation. 

It was the first and only physical encounter in the history of IPL when Harbhajan Sing lost a match and control due to embarrassment and frustration of defeat. Harbhajan Singh slapped S Sreesanth’s face. 

Therefore, The footage of Harbhajan Singh slapping S Sreesanth is hidden, but S Sreesanth was seen on the big screen with tears. It was a terrible moment in IPL history. 


Who is Involved in the most fights in the IPL? 

Indian Premier League is a famous T20 cricket league watched worldwide. Moreover, We have often seen unpleasant moments in international cricket and IPL. Therefore, In IPL, Harbhajan Singh has witnessed many fights on the field of cricket in the Indian Premier League. 

Who is the most destructive batsman in IPL?

Top batters worldwide participate in the IPL; you can witness top batters playing big shorts and setting huge totals on board. Therefore, When talking about great batters, Virat Kohli came top on the list. Moreover, Virat Kohli is the most destructive batsman in IPL history, with the most runs in the IPL. 


Indian Premier League is one of the most followed T20 Cricket Leagues. IPL is an excellent source of enjoyment for cricket fans worldwide and a pleasure for cricket lovers. Moreover, Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but we have seen some unpleasant events in the IPL. Therefore, this article has discussed the Top 5 most significant fights in IPL History. Fights in cricket are not new, but it is against the code of cricket and is a disgrace to the spirit of cricket. 

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