Is Dhoni Playing IPL 2024? Is IPL 2024 Dhoni’s last IPL?

In Indian Cricket, MS Dhoni is a name that does not need any introduction. He is the most popular Indian Cricketer with massive fans worldwide. Dhoni has been a part of IPL since 2008. Furthermore, Dhoni has played 250 IPL matches before IPL 2023. He is a part and Captain of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK), but this year it is ambiguous. So, Is Dhoni Playing IPL 2024?

There are many rumors about Dhoni not playing in IPL 2023; CSK and Dhoni fans are looking for Is Dhoni Playing IPL 2024? This article will answer all the commonly asked questions about Dhoni in IPL. 

Will Dhoni continue in IPL?

He is also known as the best finisher in the world. Moreover, Dhoni has played and led the Indian National Cricket Team for years and retired from international cricket with 10773 ODI, 4876 Test, and 1617 T20 runs with many records and is one of the Top 10 best batsmen in IPL history.

Fans of MS Dhoni are sad to hear that he may or may not be a part of IPL 2024. Hence, will MS Dhoni Play IPL 2023? It is a question asked by fans of Dhoni. Therefore, below are the details of MS Dhoni in IPL 2023. 

After the IPL 2023 last year, Dhoni answered a question that he would be a part of IPL 2024 for sure. Dhoni is very confident about playing IPL 2023. Furthermore, Dhoni said he is working hard to perform better in the IPL’s sixteenth season.

He also said that it’s not fair to CSK fans. Despite this, Dhoni is not entirely ruling out playing in the 2024 edition. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a former captain of India, will therefore continue to serve as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2024.

Furthermore, IPL 2024 will be happening with a packed crowd so that he can say goodbye in a better way to his fans. Moreover, after the final of IPL 2021, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) owner N Srinivasan said “There is no CSK without Dhoni, and there is no Dhoni without CSK.” 

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Is Dhoni playing for CSK 2024?

Yes, MS Dhoni will play IPL 2023 and lead the CSK. Dhoni has confirmed that he will be a part of IPL 2023. Therefore, IPL 2022 happened with a limited crowd, and Dhoni’s performance in the last two seasons was not out of the mark. Hence, Dhoni is working hard to say bye to its fans in a better way. 

Will MS play next year?

Due to the age of MS Dhoni, several rumors were circulating; Will Dhoni Play IPL 2024? The answer is Yes; MS Dhoni has said that not playing in front of the home fans at the Chepauk would be unfair to the CSK fans. Furthermore, he has confirmed that he will play IPL 2024.

Will CSK play IPL 2024?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is one of the favorite teams of the IPL and four times the title winner of the IPL. Furthermore, IPL teams CSK and MI are the big teams according to their fans and followers. There is no reason to exclude CSK from the IPL. CSK will participate in IPL 2024. 

Will Dhoni Play IPL 2024?

Indians love MS Dhoni. Moreover, Dhoni is the Captain of many World Cup and ICC events-winning team captains and has an extensive fan following worldwide. After he retired from international cricket, his fans loved watching Dhoni play in the IPL. Therefore, his age makes it challenging to perform continuously, but he is not ruled out from IPL 2024. The CSK owner also wants Dhoni to retain the team. 

Who is the best Captain of IPL?

Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni both are the best captains of the IPL. Not only IPL, but Dhoni has also been the best Men Indian National Cricket Team captain. 

Who will be the next Captain of CSK?

MS Dhoni has confirmed that he is available for IPL 2024 and will be the Captain of Chennai Super Kings In IPL 2024. Moreover, he had performed well in the previous season and promised the fans that he would play IPL 2024 with a remarkable comeback. 

IS Dhoni Retired? 

Dhoni is a captain of IPL team CSK and is still playing in the IPL. But, he retired from international test cricket on 30 December 2014 and left the captaincy of T20Is and ODIs in 2017. Furthermore, Dhoni announced his retirement from all formats of international cricket. On 15 August 2020.


MS Dhoni is the top-rated Star Indian Cricketer and most successful Captain. No one can deny his efforts and support for the betterment of Cricket in India. Moreover, He is getting 42 years old this year, and fans are worrying about maybe Dhoni announcing his retirement from the IPL. Dhoni and IPL fans are waiting for an official statement and answer to the question will Dhoni play IPL 2024? Hence, this article provides the best analysis based on Dhoni’s previous statement about IPL retirement and CSK’s interests with Dhoni. Thus we can say Dhoni will play and be Captain of the CSK in IPL 2024. 

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