HBL PSL 9 Live Streaming Mjunoon – Watch PSL Matches for Free

PSL has contributed a lot to the success of digital media in Pakistan. Along with the sports channels, many apps have emerged, providing PSL live coverage to the viewers in a not-so-imaginable way but beyond expectations. HBL PSL Live 8 Stream Mjunoon has got excellent viewership all over Pakistan, and you can watch PSL Matches online for free.

Mjunoon is a revolutionary streaming platform in Pakistan. It is a hub of some of the finest online channels across Pakistan, including news, sports, entertainment, and media content. Pakistani PSL fans can access Mjunoon to grasp HBL PSL 9 live coverage in no time. 

This guide covers the Pakistani live-streaming site Mjunoon and its PSL live-streaming services.

HBL PSL 9 Live Streaming Mjunoon

Live streaming has never been this approachable. Digital platforms have transformed live streaming and vice versa. MJunnon TV, owned by Convex Interactive, is a true example of living in digitalization. You can pay for the subscription and watch your preferred on-demand content. 

Mjunoon is also on the list of channels that have won rights to broadcast Pakistan Super League 2024 live on the internet. You can watch live PSL 9 matches on the website or by downloading the app. 

The Pakistan Super League Live Streaming is broadcasted by different channels like Geo Super, A Sports HD, Ten Sports, and PTV Sports, all of which can be accessed online on mjunoon.tv through its website and app.

Mjunoon Features 

  • Access to Licensed Live TV & Radio channels for Free.
  • Pakistan’s most popular TV channel programs.
  • Smooth Live Streaming
  • Recording of your favorite shows.
  • Access to the last seven days’ missed show recordings.
  • Picture in Picture Mode.
  • Google Chromecast Support.

PSL 9 Live Streaming Mjunoon Website

An all-in-one platform for every genre that is too approachable, what else a user desires.  Mjunoon is becoming a more prominent and successful live-streaming platform in Pakistan. The website offers numerous Tv channels, live streaming content, and recorded media content. 

During the PSL season, the Mjuoon website satisfies its users by providing HD-quality live streaming. Moreover, all the latest information, updates, and PSL happenings, including match schedules, live scorecards, and point tables, are available on Mjunoon.tv.

The website is accessible for free, but you have to encounter a lot of ads. By paying the subscription, subscribe to mjunoon plus and enjoy an ad-free PSL experience. 

  1. On a PSL scheduled day, go to mjunoon.tv.
  2. You need to log in to the website. 
  3. Enter your account details to access the website. 
  4. Look for the desired PSL match in the Live Streaming section.
  5. Click on ‘Now’ and enjoy your PSL live coverage.  

Mjunoon Application

You can PSL 9 Live Streaming Mjunoon by using Mjunoon Application lets you access your favorite content at your fingertips. The app came into being on Aug 7, 2017, and has all the content you want to search for. The download of app is free and has a download size of 21.91 MB. You must have the app on your phone so that accessing PSL live streaming becomes hassle-free for you. 

You must download the app to keep track of all the PSL happenings and the latest updates. Users can download the app from the website and the app store. The app provides easy navigation and a user-friendly layout. 

Mjunoon Youtube Channel

The official Youtube Channel of Mjunoon was released on Aug 5, 2019. You must subscribe to the channel to get updated on the latest and unlimited entertainment. PSL live streaming is also available on the Mjunoon Youtube channel. Access is free across Pakistan. 

  • Browse the Youtube channel of Mjunoon.
  • Subscribe to the youtube channel. 
  • Search for PSL-scheduled matches.
  • Click on the live streaming and enjoy. 

Mjunoon Plus

Live Streaming on Mjunoon has been upgraded to Mjunoon Plus, which aims to provide users with smooth and fast streaming services. Mjunoon Plus streams news, dramas, movies, music, and sports. It is the amalgamation of Live Tv and Streaming. Subscription charges are required to access the content on Mjunoon Plus. 

Subscription on Mjunoon 

The subscription on Mjunoon is based on weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. Access Mjunoon.tv at only Rs 25 per week, Rs 99 for a month, and Rs 999 for a year. An ad-free, seven days rewind and 5 minutes exclusive recording experience is guaranteed. 

Mjunoon Compatibility

The Mjunoon application is the best for compatibility with different devices and operating systems. Users have no worries about tuning to Mjunoon on some specific device. The desktop version is also available on the Mjunoon website to ease PC users.  The devices on which it is easily accessible. 


  • iPhone – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • iPod touch – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Mac – Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.


Android 5.0+

Mjunoon Alternatives

It’s always better to have a safe side when using live streaming sites because sometimes the web is not responding due to any unknown issue. If You can’t, PSL 9 Live Streaming Mjunoon then you can go-to alternatives for Mjunoon should be the following:-

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Watch PSL Live on my Phone?

PSL streaming is not bounded. You can watch PSL live on your Phone. All the PSL streaming sites have a mobile-friendly layout and offer live streaming that is easily accessible on the phone. Grab PSL live streaming anytime and anywhere on your phone through these sites. 

Where I can Watch PSL Live Free?

PSL live streaming is available on many tv channels and streaming sites globally. All the tv channels provide PSL live coverage for free in designated regions. Some sites also offer PSL streaming for free, and some require a subscription to unlock premium content. These channels are:-

  • PTV Sports Live
  • Geo Super
  • Tapmad
  • Daraz
  • Tamasha
  • Star Sports


Making PSL live streaming hassle-free and error-free, many new sites have emerged, and many pre-existing sites have improved their services. Mjunoon is a significant platform offering endless entertainment content, including music, movies, dramas, and sports combining Tv experience and live streaming. Mjunoon has come up with PSL live streaming. This guide is about accessing Mjunoon to catch PSL live-action. 

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