IPL 2024 | Watch IPL in 4K for free with JioCinema

Great News for IPL fans as JioTv has announced that you can watch IPL 2024 Live in 4K for free. IPL has in store for its fans power-packed playoffs, high sixes, exciting fours, and extraordinary cricketing stars across the globe. How can a cricket fan miss these live-action cricketing moments? Residing in India, you have many options to watch IPL but how about Watch IPL 2024 in 4K For Free With JioCinema?

JioCinema is a live-streaming platform by Viacom 18. It is a live Tv application offering on-demand and OTT streaming services launched by Jio Tv of Reliance group. This year, it offers to stream IPL in 4K resolution (Ultra HD) 4 times higher picture graphics than HD quality. 

Read the guide to learn the exciting features Jio Cinema offers to stream live Schedule of IPL 2024 and WPL 2024.

IPL Live Streaming in 4K for Free with JioCinema.

Jio is the official digital live-streaming partner of IPL 2024. Jio Cinema brings extraordinary features and technical advancements for its users to enhance their IPL viewing experience at its best. And Jio Cinema will stream IPL 2024 in 4K resolution, i.e., in Ultra HD quality with better graphics display. 

Until now, only Hotstar was streaming live IPL in HD quality at the cost of membership, but JioCinema will telecast live IPL for free only at the onset of paying prepaid and postpaid plans. 

IPL fans appreciate Jio Cinema’s upgradation from HD quality to 4K resolution and are looking forward to watching IPL in 4k for free on Jio Cinema 

Jio users can put their sims in their phones, and access live IPL Streaming for free on Jio Cinema. 

Multicam Feature

On the JioCinema App, you can get a hold of the Multicam feature. The specialty of this feature is that you can switch and shift among different camera angles for a better IPL live streaming experience. Jio users can acquire the accessibility for free by just putting their sim in their phones.

If you are watching live streaming on your phone, you can see the live scores and pitch record map while viewing the match; watching on a big screen, you will see the information alongside the match.

Switching Between Different Languages 

As you know, India is home to cultural and regional languages, so what’s better than offering IPL streaming to its viewers in their language? JioCinema brings the opportunity to choose the languages of IPL Live Streaming from among the 12 different languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Bhojpuri, to name a few. Commentary and statistics will change in accordance with language change. 

Expected to Launch 

Reliance group is making efforts to upgrade the Jio features. In this regard, the company also plans to bring a Jio Media Cable, which allows the viewers to stream IPL matches on their non-smart TVs with HDMI ports using their phones.  

While the company has not put a permanent stamp on anything, other speculations are bubbling in the air about the company’s new launches. It includes a cost-friendly virtual reality headset called as JioDive and virtual reality glasses known as Jio Glass. The company plans to give its users a 360-degree format IPL experience through these devices. 

Alternatives to Rely on other than JioTV

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Can I Watch IPL in 4K?

IPL will be live-streamed on JioCinema in 4K quality which means you can access IPL live streaming in better picture quality. So, purchase a prepaid or postpaid plan on JioCinema and let the live streaming begin. 

Is the JioCinema Free for Non-Jio Users?

JioCinema is an OTT platform offering IPL streaming and on-demand content. Yes, it is free for Non-Jio users, and Jio users can access the JioCinema app by putting their Jio sim on their phones. 

Does JioCinema Work Outside India?

JioCinema is India’s telecom operator offering OTT streaming services nationwide for free. JioCinema is unavailable outside India; if you want to access it, you can go for VPN. VPN will change your IP address to the Indian server. 

Concluding Words 

JioCinema covers major sporting events, including IPL Live Streaming across India. Reliance has announced that JioCinema will stream IPL in 4K resolution, which will surely take the company to new heights of success. Jio users can acquire the service for free in the Indian Region. With the 4K resolution feature, the viewers can have a better experience of IPL Live Streaming from various camera angles and can switch between different languages. Get the JioCinema app and begin your IPL live streaming on it.

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