How To Watch IPL 2024 in Malaysia? 5 Easy Ways

IPL live streaming is the only option for IPL fans residing abroad, as IPL 2024 is scheduled to happen in India. Malaysian fans want to watch IPL matches online, so they are curious about How to Watch IPL 2024 in Malaysia. 

The digital era calls for digital streaming sites and new ways of watching sports on TV via cable and satellite networks. Viewers across Malaysia can watch IPL 2024 on StarHub TV+, Astro, and Maesat. They can also rely on Hotstar by using a VPN to watch IPL 2024 Live. 

How To Watch IPL 2024 in Malaysia?

Malaysia has sports-specific channels to provide the sporty soul with the best sports content. Watching IPL in Malaysia is straightforward with the following sports provider channels. 

StarHub TV+

Star Hub Limited owns Star Hub Tv in Malaysia. Its streaming platform StarHub Tv+ offers live and on-demand content belonging to different categories, including news, sports, live tv, movies, and shows, anytime and anywhere on preferred devices. It proudly holds the broadcasting rights of IPL 2024 in Malaysia. 

You can access IPL live streaming on Star Hub Tv+ by subscribing to its mobile data plans and broadband packages. By buying a $5.04/month subscription, you can stream IPL on two devices simultaneously. StarHub Tv+ is accessible to postpaid subscribers through Indian +pass through Disney+Hotstar.

Installing the Star Hub Tv+ box can improve IPL-watching by giving premium-quality audio and pictures. Tune in to Star Hub Tv channels number 238 and 239. To watch IPL 2024 Live on bigger screens.  


Malaysian Satellite Systems, a local communication satellite operator, is Measat (Malaysia East Asia Satellite). It provides satellite services to Malaysian broadcasters, Direct-to-Home networks, and telecom operators. 

The company has capacity across six communication satellites and provides satellite services to over 150 countries. Malaysian fans can watch IPL 2024 on Maesat-operated broadcasting channels and streaming platforms. 

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Astro Stands for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operators. It is a Malaysian satellite television and IPTV provider comprising the local sports channels of Malaysia. Measat Satellite Systems operates Astro. Astro has two main channels for sports broadcasting. You can watch IPL 2024 on Astro channels in Malaysia. 

Astro SuperSport

An English-language sports channel, Astro SuperSport is a subscription-based satellite television network in Malaysia. It is a sports-specific channel broadcasting high-quality sports 24 hours a day. The Sports Package of Astro offers HD and SD quality channels. 

  • Astro Box Office Sport (Channel 200)
  • Astro SuperSport Plus (HD)
  • Astro SuperSport 2 (Channel 811; Channel 833 in HD)
  • Astro SuperSport 3 (Channel 816; Channel 834 in HD)
  • Astro SuperSport 4 (Channel 817 in SD, Channel 836 in HD)
  • Astro SuperSport 5 (Channel 815)

Astro Arena 

Malaysian language sports channel Astro Arena is Malaysia’s first 24/7 Astro-operated sports channel. On March 26, 2010, it came into being to develop sports in Malaysia. Astro Arena will telecast IPL 2024 Live on its channels. 

Astro Arena shows live sports, replays, sports news, and broadcast programs particular to the interests of Malaysian audiences. You can watch IPL live streaming on the Astro Arena channel list by subscribing to Astro’s Family Pack. 

  • Astro Arena (Channel 801 in HD)
  • Astro Arena 2 (Channel 802)
  • Astro Arena (Channel 831 in SD)

You will be happy to know Astro and NJOI customers can access Astro Arena 831 for free. The prepaid Astro and NJOI customers can watch sports on Astro Arena 801. 


The biggest streaming platform across the  Indian Region, Hotstar, is the digital media partner of IPL 2024. It is known for its high-quality resolution and the option of choosing several languages to watch IPL live. It is available in India, the UK, the USA, and Canada. 

Malaysian fans can watch IPL live streaming on Hotstar by using a VPN. A reliable VPN will change your location to India’s server, and you can enjoy Indian content on Hotstar while residing in Malaysia. In the same way, you can also access Star Sports’ official app. 

Fox Sports (Asian TV Network)

ESPN Star Sports, rebranded as Fox Sports, is an Asian pay-tv network broadcasting in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. IPL 2024 will be live-streamed on numerous channels of Fox Sports. 

The channel has various former names and has contracted with other big broadcasters in several regions across the globe to provide the best sports content to its viewers. Residents of Malaysia can watch IPL 2024 on Fox Sports. 

  • Fox Sports 
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Fox Sports News

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to Watch IPL 2024 Online?

IPL 2024 live streaming is available online on live streaming platforms in HD quality with or without subscription charges. You can watch IPL 2024 online on the following platforms:-

How Can I Watch IPL for Free with VPN?

Many IPL streaming sites are unavailable outside their designated regions. You can access geo-restricted IPL streaming sites anytime and anywhere by VPN as VPN changes your location to the Indian server. 


The Malaysian audience is fond of watching sports, so many local channels are running to provide sports content to their viewers. How to Watch IPL 2024 in Malaysia is not a big problem. Star Hub Tv+ and Maesat-operated Astro channels are the official broadcasting partner of IPL 2024 across Malaysia. In Malaysia, you can watch IPL 2024 Live on StarHub Tv+, Astro SuperSport, Astro Arena, Fox Sports Asia, and Hotstar. For more, such detailed guides, you can head to crickist.

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