IPL 2024 Fantasy League Predictions – Fantasy Cricket Tips 

People in India love cricket. Cricket fans treat IPL as a festival, especially in India, and cricket in India has become the most famous game ever. Fans association with the Indian Premier League is increasing day by day. Participation of people in IPL is astonishing and is increased with fantasy leagues. This virtual league allows cricket experts and fans to do IPL 2024 fantasy league predictions and become part of the game. Per a FIFS report, 100 million fans played fantasy sports in 2020 in India.

IPL 2024 Fantasy League Predictions

IPL Fantasy League 2024, It’s a type of game mainly played online on the internet on different apps and websites. A fantasy league is an imaginary virtual game where you have all the options that a real team owner has in real cricket games. But the only difference is you will create your team on your mobile or laptop virtually, and your team players don’t exist physically, but you will use the characters of real players for your team. 

Once you have created your team, you will be the owner of that team, And the points are declared and given based on how well a player performs. This Fantasy League has become integral to cricket in the last few years. It is a routine for cricket lovers to create their team in domestic  T20 series such as PSL, IPL, Big bash, or international cricket tournaments.

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How to create a team in IPL Fantasy League 2024?

You can create your team in the IPL fantasy league 2024 according to your wish by choosing a combination of players. There are some rules that you need to follow while you pick up the players for your team.

Batsman: The rule for selecting batters in your team is that you are limited to having batters between 3 to 6 in your team.

All-Rounders: According to the rules of the IPL fantasy league, your team can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 all-rounder players in your team.

Wicket-Keeper: You can pick upto four wicket-keeper players in your IPL fantasy league team.

Bowlers: The rule for selecting bowlers in your team is that you are limited to having bowlers between 3 to 6 in your Dream 11 team.

Foreign players: You can choose a maximum of 4 foreign players in your Dream 11 squad for IPL fantasy league 2024, and there should be one uncapped player in your team for all time.

Websites and Best Fantasy Apps apps to play IPL Fantasy League 2024:

While streaming IPL 2024 Live, you can now earn. IPL’s official website is the best and most authentic way to join the Dream 11 fantasy league. But many other websites and mobile apps can assist you in participating in the IPL fantasy league 2024.

Halaplay IPL Fantasy League

The brand ambassador of the Halaplay fantasy cricket app is Pandya Brothers. This app provides support to several leagues. HalaPlay is a fantasy sports app where you can instantly create a team, enter leagues, and win cash prizes at the end of every game. You can pay an entry fee or participate free in the IPL fantasy league 2024 using Halaplay. The prize is one crore for paid, and 1 lac is for free participants.

Crix11 IPL Fantasy Cricket League

Crix11 is a fast-growing and users trusted IPL fantasy league prediction app. Which also provides support for multiple sports such as Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, NFL, etc.

MyTeam11 Fantasy

MyTeam 11 app supports multiple sports options; here, you can earn real cash rewards by creating your team and participating using this app. Virender Sehwag is the brand ambassador of MyTeam 11 Fantasy. The great thing is that you can participate with RS 5 and earn five lacs in reward. MyTeam11 is the second most trusted app to play the IPL fantasy league 2024, with more than 1.5 crore users.

Sixer IPL Fantasy League:

Sixer is an IPL fantasy league app allowing users to predict, buy, and sell fantasy stock in cricket players. You can build your portfolio by predicting the future performance of the players. More judgment, Cricket knowledge, and skills are required to win using the sixer app. All the prices depend upon the performance of the players.

My11Circle IPL Fantasy league:

The brand ambassador of My11Circle is Sourav Ganguly. The entry fee varies from 10 to 25000 Rs. The prize amount is one crore INR, and you will get the chance to win different smartphones. This app allows you to create your virtual team. You can earn real prizes using this app by competing with other teams. My11Circle was recently launched for users to play IPL fantasy leagues.

FanFight IPL Fantasy League 2024:

This is a fantasy cricket league app. Having multiple league options available. You can use this app to play an online cricket fantasy league and win exciting prizes daily. The highest amount of prize money is 50000 INR and different smartphones.

BalleBaazi IPL Fantasy League app:

BalleBaazi was recently launched, but it is growing fast because it introduced some unique fantasy leagues features such as Classic fantasy mode, Batting fantasy mode, and Bowling fantasy mode. You can create your virtual team to play IPL fantasy league 2024.

Mobile Premier League Fantasy Cricket App:

Mobile Premier League is also a famous IPL fantasy cricket league app. Users of MPL can create, participate and compete with other teams to win cash prizes. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of the Mobile Premier League app.

PlayerzPot IPL Fantasy:

PlayerzPot offers a range of fantasy games. Users of PlayerzPot can create their teams, predict and play using their knowledge and skills and earn daily.

Gamezy Fantasy League App:

This app is similar to the other fantasy apps. Gamezy was launched in 2022 and became very popular because it allows users to play and bet without paying. So they can win real cash prizes.

Paytm First Game:

Paytm First Game is a famous fantasy app offering several games and fantasy leagues. Further, Paytm also offers a signup bonus to new users. You can play different games on this app and can earn real rewards. 

Prosports11 Fantasy Cricket: 

ProSports11 is a famous fantasy cricket league app where users can use their cricket knowledge and good analytical skills to earn money online. Also, users can share their referral links to get more rewards.

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Points Distribution for IPL 2024 Fantasy League:

Following are the points distribution criteria in the IPL fantasy league.

Bowlers Points Distribution:

  • You will get 4 points for bowling a maiden over.
  • Sixteen points will be given if your bowler gets a five wickets haul.
  • Ten points for a wicket, but these points are not applicable for runouts.
  • You will get 8 points if your player gets a four wickets haul.

Batters Points Distribution:

  • You will get .5 for every four(boundary).
  • .5 will be given for every single run.
  • 8 points will be given to you if your player scores a century.
  • You will get 4 points if your player scores fifty.
  • You will get 1 point for hitting a six.
  • 2 points will be deducted for a duck(only for wicket-keeper, batters, and all-rounder).

Bowlers Points Distribution:

  • 4 points for a runout throw.
  • You will get 6 points for a stump or runout.
  • You will get 4 points for taking a catch
  • You will be given 2 points for a catch leading to a runout.

Strike Rate Points Distribution:

  • This will apply to the player who faced a minimum of ten balls.
  • If the player scores run between 60-70 per 100 balls, 2 points will be deducted.
  • If your player scores 50 and 59.99 runs per 100 balls, 4 points will be deducted.
  • -6 points for scoring below 50 runs per 100 balls.

Economy Rate Points Distribution:

  • This will apply to the player who bowled a minimum of two overs.
  • Bowler, who gets above 11 runs per over, will be charged -6 points.
  • If the runs per over are between 10.01 to 11 per over, then -4 points will be deducted.
  • -2 points for giving runs between 9 to 10 per over.
  • 6 points will be given for below four runs per over.
  • You will get 4 points if the economy rate is 4 to 4.99 per over.
  • 2 points for maintaining the economy rate between 5 to 6 per over.

Captain and Vice Captain:

When creating your team, select your captain and vice-captain wisely because your virtual team captain gets 2x points, and the vice-captain will get 1.5x points according to the actual game.


You can apply boosters to your team to get extra points. Following are some available boosters.

Double-up Booster:

You can earn double points by applying a Double-up booster. It is up to you to which game you want to apply a Double-up booster.

Tips: Apply a double-up booster, especially on a high-scoring all-rounder in your virtual team. 

Super Transfers Booster:

You can complete your team’s makeover by applying Super Transfer Booster. You can do as many transfers as you want in a single game.

Tips: We suggest you use this booster at the knockout stages.

Triple Impact Booster: 

You will get 3x points when you apply Triple Impact Booster.

Tips: Use Triple Impact Booster on your team captain when you are confident that he will win because he is already getting 2x points or in a high-scoring all-rounder of your team.

Dream11 IPL Fantasy League 

Dream 11 is one of the pioneers in the cricket fantasy world. This is the oldest and most authentic app. MS Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Dream 11. You can create your team by using this app and your expertise to win prizes. More than two crore people have been engaged with this app and enjoyed the Fantasy league for years. The prize money and entry fee are both high for Dream 11. The cash prize is almost 25 crore every day.

IPL 2024 Prediction Dream 11 Today 

IPL is India’s mega event which has attracted IPL admirers’ population toward it. These IPL fans are involved in an action-packed league and make predictions of the upcoming matches as per their skill and mastery. Dream 11 is a platform where you try your skills to make prophecies about IPL Matches. This covers IPL Prediction Dream 11 Today. 

Dream11 has signed a contract with Indian Premier League as their official fantasy partner. Dream11 users will make prophecies about upcoming IPL Matches by creating their team based on real-life players and winning prizes. You can make predictions by analyzing the IPL players’ former performances, pitch reports, and other factors, including the user’s luck and expertise. 

Dream11 is India’s fantasy gaming online platform supported by its official application. As a user, you ca register and play fantasy games by creating teams based on real-life players and earn points and cash prizes according to their endorsements. Dream 11 provides fantasy games for multiple sports like football, cricket, basketball, and many others. 

With IPL 2024 setting out within a few days, Dream11 users have girded up their loins and started contests about forecasting IPL upcoming matches. 

A user who scores the maximum points in their joined contests attains the first rank on the leaderboard. Dream11 offers free and paid contests. A user has to pay a certain fee to join a contest and can win real cash. To participate in a Dream11 game, a user must be at least 18 years old and get their profile verified using their PAN.

IPL 2024 Fantasy League Tips:

You need good analytical skills and cricket knowledge to participate, play, and win IPL Fantasy League 2024. Here are some general suggestions and tips for IPL 2024 Fantasy League that will benefit you. First, always focus on some good, best-in-form all-rounder players who have performed well in their previous matches. 

Select your top-order batters from both teams. Boosters are another game-changing option; apply your boosters wisely. Use the specific boosters, especially when you are sure your team will win. The points system for captain and vice-captain is different than others, Captain will get 2x, and the vice-captain will get 1.5x points. So, remember that your captains serve as game changers, so choose them wisely. 

Don’t select all the players from your favorite franchise. Always try to select three players from each position. For example, Three all-rounders, two wicket-keepers, three batters, and three bowlers. Don’t select all the premium category players from the same department. You should have at least one premium player from each discipline. 

IPL 2024 Fantasy League Referral Codes:

Here are some referral codes for different fantasy league apps that you can use to get real-time signup bonuses.

Fantasy League AppReferral Code
Fantasy Power11EBONUS100
Halaplay 4HS5A2NV
GoSuper11 EBONUS100
Real11 EBONUS100
My11Circle 12611565
Howzat EBONUS100
Paytm First Gamesrahmpm285
FanFight DNZVV5


What is the IPL 2024 Fantasy League?

As cricket has been played on the grounds, Cricket lovers also want to participate in the leagues. IPL 2024 Fantasy League is an opportunity to become an owner of a virtual team. You can compete in the competition and can win prizes.

How does the IPL fantasy league work?

You will create your team using different apps that allow you to play and participate in different fantasy leagues. This is the same as the actual game. The player you select in your team virtually will get the points according to how these players perform in the actual matches.

How to Change the team in IPL Fantasy League?

You can change your virtual team in the IPL Fantasy League, “Edit Team” option in your fantasy app will allow you to change your team.

I don’t know anything about cricket. Can I still play?

Yes, there is no restriction on participation. If you don’t have cricket knowledge, You can participate. Basic cricket knowledge is enough to participate in a cricket fantasy league. Still, we recommend having good analytical skills and cricket knowledge to participate, Play and win a fantasy league.

Can we transfer money from Dream 11 into the Paytm wallet?

No, you can’t withdraw your Dream 11 winning prize money into your Paytm wallet. However, you can use your Paytm bank account to withdraw dream 11 winning money.

Do I need to re-register for each competition run?

No, You don’t need to re-register your team for every competition. When you log in to your fantasy app, you will see an option link, “Add Team” click on that link, and it will show you the remaining competitions your team can participate in.

Can I create Multiple Teams in IPL 2024 Fantasy League?

Yes, A user can create multiple teams in IPL Fantasy League. A user can have 11 Virtual teams that he can participate with one or multiple teams in the IPL fantasy league 2024.

Does Dream 11 give money?

Yes, Dream 11 is the most authentic and user-trusted app. You can make real money by participating in Dream 11. Only winners get the prizes, and the source of money is the entry fee that users pay to participate in the fantasy league.

What happens if one of my players gets an injury?

If a player gets injured in the league and can’t play the matches, Then you will get an extra exchange/transfer to change your injured player. If the injured player is your team captain, the replaced player will be your captain, and if you don’t want to select him as captain, you will be charged an extra standard fee for captain replacement.

Is it safe to share your bank details in Dream 11?

The prize amount is real money, and sometimes smartphones, etc.; if your winning prize is real money, then It’s safe to share your bank details with Dream 11 because it’s safe and IPL’s official app to participate in a fantasy league. 

How do you choose Dream 11 players?

It’s simple and easy. Login to the Dream 11 App and Select a match from the list of available matches. Every player has different virtual credit points. You can select your team players accordingly. Then select your captain and vice-captain, then choose the contest in which you want to participate.

Final Words

We have provided you with a detailed IPL 2024 Fantasy League Predictions guide. Now you can play the leagues of virtual words and earn quick bucks. Further, we have answered all the possible queries you can have in mind. Make your star-studded teams, contest with predictions, and earn in the IPL 2024 fantasy leagues like Dream11 and others.

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