How to Add IPL 2024 Live Channel on Dish TV for free?

Dish TV is used in every home in India these days. Crazy Indian Cricket fans do not want to miss a single IPL match. Furthermore, People are searching for an easy and affordable way to watch IPL 2024 live. This article has discussed easy steps to Add IPL 2024 Live Channel on Dish TV to enjoy the free match live. If you are a Dish TV user, you can follow these steps to add the Star Sports channel on Dish TV. 

Disney+Hotstar is an excellent source of entertainment in India. But, every cricket fan in India does not have access to Disney+Hotstar, and not every Indian can afford costly internet packages to watch IPL 2024 Live. In comparison, Every Indian can easily access Afford Dish TV or (Direct to Home) DTH to watch IPL live. With a 30% market share, DTH and Dish TV are easily affordable services in India. 

Hence, If you are a regular TV user and DTH subscriber, below are the Six Easy Steps To Add Start Sports on Dish Tv. You can do this with your mobile or online via the Internet. 

How to Add Sports Channel on Dish TV to Watch IPL 2024? 

You can add your favorite channels to watch IPL on Dish Network For Free. The steps are:

How to Add Star Sports Channel on Dish TV Online?

Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to You will see a Dish Tv homepage, At the top main menu. Click on the “Subscriber Corner.” As shown in a screenshot below. 

Step 2: Login or register using your mobile number. If you forget your password, you can log in using the “Request OPT instead of password” option. 

Step 3: Once you successfully log in, under the Pack and Channels Tab, you will see an Add-on Pack.

Step 4:  Click on Add on Pack and add IPL 2022 channel, “Star Sports,” to your pack.

Step 5: To activate your desired Channel, Add your desired Channel to your Dish Tv Plan. 

Step 6: You will not be billed for your new Channel, Until the next billing cycle. 

How to Add Sony Sports on Dish TV by SMS?

Suppose you are not an internet user or do not have internet access and want to watch IPL 2024 live on your Dish TV. You can use your mobile phone to Add Sports Channel on Dish Tv. Below are the easy steps to add Sony Sports Channel on your Dish TV via SMS or Call. 

Step 1: Send an SMS on 57575 with DISHTV GET < Channel No.>

Step 2: You must use your registered mobile number to avail of this feature. This feature will not work for other mobile numbers. 

Step 3: Your desired Channel will be added to your subscription and activated in 15 minutes. 

How to Add Sports Channel to Dish Tv to Watch Free IPL 2024 Live?

You can Add IPL 2024 live channel to your Dish Tv by a simple call to the customer care service of your dish tv. Sony Sports broadcast IPL 2024 live, So you can watch IPL live matches on Sony Sports Channel. Therefore, Below are some easy steps that you can follow to Add Sony Sports Channel to your Dish Tv by a call. 

Step 1: Call your Dish Tv Customer Care Center on 888-686-2388 from your mobile phone and request them to add your desired Channel to your Dish Tv plan. 

Step 2: Place a missed call on 1800-568-XXXX. Replace the XXXX with the channel number you want to add to your Dish Tv plan. If your TV channel number consists of 3 digits, You put a 0 before the channel number. 

Step 3: The Channel will be activated within 15 minutes on your Dish Tv plan so that you can enjoy live IPL matches. 

Sports Channel Numbers on Dish TV and Price List

Dish Tv Sports Channel Numbers and prices are listed below. 

Dish TV Channel NameDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Star Sports Select 2 HD647HD₹11.80
Star Sports Select 1 HD645HD₹22.42
Star Sports First2349SD₹1.18
Star Sports 2 HD604HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Tamil1865SD₹20.06
Star Sports 1 Hindi607SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1603SD₹22.42
Star Sports Select 2648SD₹8.26
Star Sports Select 1646SD₹22.42
Star Sports 3649SD₹4.72
Star Sports 2605SD₹7.08
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD606HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 HD602HD₹22.42
Sony Ten 3 HD614HD₹20.06
Sony Ten 2 HD612HD₹20.06
Sony Ten 1 HD610HD₹22.42
Sony Six HD622HD₹22.42
Sony ESPN HD620HD₹8.26
DD Sports639SDFree

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How to Refresh Dish TV Account?

When you request to add a new channel to your account, Sometimes these newly added channels do not appear in your Dish Tv account. You can resolve this issue by refreshing the Dish Tv DTH account. You can refresh your DTH account via SMS or online.

Steps to Refresh Dish Tv Account Online

Step 1: Navigate to the Dish Tv official website. And click on the help tab. 

Step 2: You will see a button on the next page, “Refresh Your Account.” Click on the button. 

Step 3: You will be asked for a registered mobile number or VC.

Step 4: Enter your details, registered mobile number, or VC. 

Step 5: Your Set top box should be on channel number 96 for the next 15 minutes.

Step 6: Click on the next button and follow the next screen instructions.

Steps to Refresh Dish Tv Account Via Mobile Number or SMS

Step 1: Place a missed call on 18002702102 from your registered mobile number.

Step 2:  Send ‘DISHTV REFRESH’ to 57575 from your registered mobile number. Ensure to use your registered mobile number to avail of this service. 

Step 3: If you don’t have access to your registered mobile number, you can send ‘DISHTV REFRESH <11 DIGIT VC NUMBER> to 57575 from any phone number. 


How can I watch free IPL on DISH Network?

You can watch IPL 2024 live on Dish Tv if you cannot find the sports channel in your DTH account. You can follow the instructions to add the channel to your Dish Tv account. Therefore, Star Sports are the official broadcaster in India for IPL 2024. There are many other channels on Dish Tv to watch IPL 2024 live today. 

Where can I watch IPL 2024 Online?

We recommend watching IPL 2024 online on Disney + Hotstar. You can enjoy the best experience on your phone or laptop. If you do not have access to Disney+Hotstar, you can watch an IPL live match on the Dish TV (DTH) network, a readily available and affordable option to watch IPL 2024 live match on Dish TV. Star Sports is the official broadcast of IPL and is available on Dish TV. 

How can I watch IPL live without Hotstar?

Yes, it is possible to watch IPL live without Hotstar. Many sports channels on Dish Tv can watch Live IPL matches for free. You can add these channels to your Dish Tv network easily. 

Is IPL live on DD Sports?

Yes, DD Sports is a free channel. You can add DD sports to your DTH account to enjoy IPL live on your Dish TV. Moreover, DD sports will telecast the Indian Premier League (IPL) live. 


IPL is the most exciting cricket event in India. Therefore, Not every cricket fan in India can afford costly internet packages. Moreover, Disney+Hotstar is widely used to watch IPL matches live in India. But not every Indian has access to Disney+Hotstar. Therefore, Dish TV is suitable for every Indian to watch live IPL 2024 for free. Hence this article is a complete step-by-step guide to Adding IPL 2024 Live Channel on Dish TV and Enjoy Free Match Live. 

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