IPL 2023: Joe Root Will Partake in IPL Auction 2023 “I Would Certainly Debate Going Into The IPL Draw Quite Seriously,” says Root

Big news related Indian Premier League (IPL) auction in 2023, Joe Root Will Partake in IPL Auction 2023. Joe Root – former test captain of the England National Cricket Team comes in the greatest of the game.

Joe Root expressed his views regarding IPL to Dailymail.

“I would certainly debate going into the IPL draw quite seriously and hope to get exposure in that tournament. It would be great to get involved in the continuous enormity of each game and how much it means,”

“I have no thoughts or feelings of retirement or slowing down or playing fewer formats. If anything, I feel a little bit more freedom with my time. I always used to get rested for the T20s and I feel like I got alienated from the format because I had not played enough of it,” he said.

Next month, the Indian Premier League Auction will take place on 23 December. World-class cricketers from across the globe will be competing to win contracts. IPL has become one of the most prestigious T20 leagues in the world. All 10 franchises have submitted the list of retained and released players.

He further added:

“You can feel like you are getting left behind a little bit. Now, the next couple of years, might be a good time to explore playing a little bit more of that format and see how far I can take that side of my game.

“That is especially valid because of how we are trying to play now as a Test team. Looking at the game through a T20 lens, will that benefit my Test cricket? With a 50-over World Cup next year, there are areas of my game that can benefit from playing more short-form cricket. When am I going to play some white-ball cricket if I don’t go out and search it out domestically?” He added.

Not Retiring Soon

Root also said he has no “thoughts or feelings of retirement.” He still has a lot of cricket left in him. Root said he had gained a little more freedom after stepping down as Test captain. And he is planning to explore the 20-over format. Since Root was unsold in the 2018 IPL auction, now Joe Root Will Partake in IPL Auction 2023. As he wants to improve his T20 game.

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