Why is the Indian Premier League (IPL) So Successful?

The Indian Premier League is very famous and has been the most successful and famous worldwide. IPL is followed and watched all over the world and crazy cricket fans keep themselves updated with the IPL schedule, IPL points table, and team rankings. But have you ever thought how has IPL become a huge brand? Lets reveal:

Hence, This article will answer and reveal all the reasons and facts about the booming of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Best Reasons for IPL Success

Below are the reasons that make IPL the most successful and famous worldwide.

Money-Rich League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is sponsored and supported by big industrial groups such as TATA, Ambani, and VIVO. Moreover, the IPL has full support from the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI). Due to extensive money involvement, IPL contributes around $560 Million to the Indian economy. Therefore, US$10.9 billion), which is ₹90470.00 crores. Furthermore, the winners of the IPL get a considerable amount of prize money. Around $7 million in prize money is distributed to the first four IPL teams.

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Foreign Players in the IPL

IPL is the most followed league in the world. Players of the IPL are paid a heavy amount. Therefore, Many of the big cricket stars came to participate in the Indian Premier League every year due to many foreign players’ participation in the tournament. IPL has coverage in foreign countries, which makes the IPL more popular and successful. 

Cricket Passion

Indians are crazy about cricket. Indians are a nation that continually responds to their sports and events. Furthermore, Indians treat the IPL as a national-level event. Indeed, IPL is a source to enjoy high-quality cricket. Indian cricket fans spare time to go to the stadium to support their favorite teams. Therefore, we have seen a trend of betting in India; People use IPL games to place bets to earn extra money. Thus, more cricket awareness, fans, and followers in India is one of the reasons behind the successful journey of IPL. 

City Based Association

IPL 2023 consists of 10 IPL teams. Every team belongs to a different IPL franchise. Moreover, these franchises and teams are named after names of Indian cities, Which makes sense for competition between cities. When teams of two cities play, fans of these teams consider it a match between not only two teams but between two cities. 

Hence, the residents of these cities always do their best to support their teams by going to stadiums or watching IPL live at home. Thus, the association of team names with cities keeps the fans active and is a reason for IPL’s popularity. Furthermore, all the players in a team are not from the same city, but the same city franchise owns them. As a result, you will see many foreign players playing from different city franchises. 

Redemption for Coaches

The Indian Premier League also offered heavy incentives to coaches, Compared with the international team coach jobs, where coaches had to live with the team for a whole year. Moreover, It is a hectic and stressful routine for them. Many of them want to live with their families in their countries. Hence, coaches worldwide get high salaries and have the opportunity to work as a side job in the IPL. Therefore, Instead of living with the team for a whole year, they need to stay with the team for 6 to 8 weeks during the IPL, and then they can continue their routine life.  

IPL is Full of Entertainment

IPL is caught all over the world. You will see many famous cheerleaders and Bollywood stars entertaining IPL fans. Moreover, big smashes of star cricketers never get the fans bored. The IPL takes Indian cricket to the next level. Since IPL is a T20 game, cricket fans spare 3 to 4 hours to relax from their busy routines. Therefore, BCCI and IPL organizers and franchises do their best to entertain IPL fans.

Furthermore, the IPL never feels like an ordinary domestic league; its quality of cricket always remains competitive with international matches. IPL brings the trend of fantasy leagues and betting in India, which catches more fans’ interest. Thus, more fan engagement and interest in the IPL is a factor in making the IPL the most successful league. 

Controversies in the IPL

The Indian Premier League is indeed more recognized worldwide than other domestic leagues. But it is a reality to accept that the league is full of controversies, which are always at the top of news headlines. We also have seen some controversies and dramas in the IPL on and off the field. Many of the matches are witnessed and finished in the last overs. 

Moreover, the hype of IPL players’ auctions, cheerleaders, and after-match parties from the franchise has always been controversial. Many cheerleaders have complained about the harassment after parties and inappropriate accommodations from the franchises, which gave indirect fame to the league.


IPL is a professional Men’s T20 format tournament. You will witness big players playing big shorts in the IPL. Because of a limited-overs tournament, every franchise focuses on the hard hitters’ batters in the IPL players’ auction. As a result, most players play big shorts and teams with big totals setting and chasing. 

Moreover, there are dozens of batsmen with an aggressive batting mindset, regardless of the situation. Therefore, when these players play international matches, they perform with the same mindset. As a result, you will now witness the international matches finishing with high totals compared to some past years. Powerful batting shorts also attract cricket fans, another reason behind the success of IPL.  

Shorter Duration of Time and Matches

T20 matches are short-duration matches, and an ordinary office worker can manage to watch the match. In comparison with the ODI format, it takes less time to finish. Moreover, IPL 2023 comprises 74 matches, but these are played daily. Furthermore, you will even witness two consecutive matches on the same day. These are not off days in the IPL 2023 schedule except for the eliminator and final stages. Therefore, due to the short duration, fans can easily manage to watch the matches. 

Bollywood Involvement in The IPL

Bollywood and Indians’ love for cricket does not need an introduction. As we know, Bollywood is a big industry, and billions of Bollywood fans live inside and outside India. Therefore, Bollywood’s involvement in the IPL is another reason behind its success and popularity. Moreover, many stars are associated with the teams promoting the tournament worldwide.

 As Bollywood king, Shah Rukh Khan is the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner. Hence, Shah Rukh Khan has an extensive fan following, and his association with IPL increased IPL followers. 

Strong Broadcasting and Media Coverage

The Indian Premier League is broadcast worldwide on different channels. Star Media network Disney has IPL broadcasting rights for 2023. Moreover, it is a widespread media network to broadcast IPL live. Many other channels will telecast IPL 2023. Furthermore, IPL gets extra coverage in the news and media due to heavy profile involvement, which is also a reason behind IPL’s success. 

Ethics and Fair Play

IPL emphasizes fair competition at any cost. Players, officials, and organizers should uphold these values during the IPL. Any form of cheating, match-fixing, or unethical behavior would be strictly condemned which makes it a pretty impressive competition.

Another aspect is cultural harmony. The tolerance, affinities, and compassion of the IPL joins all ethnic groups whether it’s Hinduism, Islamic point of view on sport, Christianity, or all the groups on one page.

Big Leagues Comparison

FeatureIndian Premier League (IPL)Big Bash League (BBL)Pakistan Super League (PSL)
Format10 teams8 teams6 teams
Matches per season744334
Average viewership per match20 million1 million800,000
Total prize money₹46.5 crore (US$6.2 million)A$12 million (US$8.3 million)US$3 million
Top player salary₹15 crore (US$2 million)A$1.5 million (US$1 million)US$200,000
Foreign player limit425
Broadcast rightsStar IndiaFox Sports, Kayo SportsPTV, PSL TV
Impact on economySignificantModerateModerate

Why do Indians love IPL?

Indian Premier League is the most significant domestic tournament in India. IPL consists of 10 teams, giving emerging talent a chance to perform in front of a crowd. Moreover, IPL is a source of entertainment and fun for cricket lovers in India. Furthermore, IPL is an international-level domestic league with dozens of foreign players, which makes IPL more entertaining and a reason for Indians to love and watch IPL. 

Is IPL popular outside India?

Yes, IPL is a widespread tournament. Due to foreign cricket stars’ participation in the tournament and substantial media coverage, it is famous worldwide. Moreover, many Indians and IPL fans are based in foreign countries, which makes IPL popular outside India. 

Do British people watch IPL?

Many famous British cricket players also play in the IPL every year. So, Their fans from their country watch the IPL and support them. Furthermore, not only the British, but every cricket fan loves to watch the IPL. 

Is cricket spoiling other sports in India?

Hockey is a national game of India, but when we compare both sports. Cricket is more watched, followed, and loved in India. Indians’ love for cricket is appreciable. Moreover, having more fans does not mean cricket spoils other sports in India. India is also working on other sports. As we have seen, the Indian Super League is India’s second most watched and followed league. 


This article has discussed all the reasons behind IPL’s popularity. Furthermore, Bollywood involvement, big sponsors, more foreign players’ participation, and intense media broadcasting and marketing strategies are the core reasons to make IPL the most popular and successful cricket league in the world. 

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