IPL 2024 Cheerleaders Facts, Salary, News, & Photos

The IPL stands as the world’s most renowned T-20 cricket tournament, gaining relentless popularity. Featuring elite cricketers, esteemed umpires, and renowned commentators, it captivates fans annually. With cheerleaders adding to the spectacle, IPL serves as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills amidst cricket’s global stars.

The Insides of Cheerleaders in IPL 2024

As IPL is very popular and has become the fans-favorite league, many controversies still exist, like increasing cases of harassment, match-fixing scandals, and some revealed secrets from cheerleaders showing the unpleasant side of this tournament. Who are these people? Where do they come from, and what are their salaries? Many people are curious to know about them, and these are some most frequently asked questions from IPL fans. 

Purpose of Cheer Girls in IPL

Each team in the IPL has its own Applauders. And they get paid for every match. However, the paid amount is different for every team. Most of them are white-colored and foreigners, but the color and place are not the issues. These women are displayed on the ground to catch viewers’ attention and encourage players’ spirit in the IPL.

IPL 2024 all Teams Cheer Girls with Pictures

Cheer Girls of Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders are counted in the top three IPL teams; the cheerleaders of KKR are highly paid compared to other teams. Their employer is Shahrukh Khan, from the Bollywood industry, who always respects and acknowledges the work of these. India.com has recently reported that Shahrukh Khan especially treats the cheerleaders of KKR.

The earnings of the cheerleaders of KKR are 20000 RS per match, and they get an extra 6500 as a bonus. The estimated annual earnings of KKR cheerleaders is 11 lacs. They can be seen wearing a combination of blue and golden-colored short dresses in the IPL 2024.

Cheerleaders of Mumbai Indians

The Cheerleaders of MI wear short blue and golden dresses, As MI is the most successful team in the IPL and has become the five-time winner of the IPL trophy. The cheerleaders of MI are also the most energetic and talented squad of cheerleaders and the second highest-paid squad in the IPL. They earn 16000 RS per match and receive 6500 RS as a bonus if Mumbai Indians win the match. Their total annual earning is approximately eight lacs.

Cheerleaders of Delhi Capitals:

The cheerleaders of DC wear a short white dress, and blue stripes can be seen in the white dress. The team Delhi Capitals has not won a single trophy in the history of IPL. However, their cheerleader does their best to entertain the fans of DC. GMR group is the owner of the Delhi Capitals. They earn 9700 RS per match, and the annual earnings of cheerleaders of DC is approximately 2.5 lacs.

Cheerleaders of Sunrisers Hyderabad:

The owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad is Kalanithi Maran of Sun Group, and the team has not become very successful as it won only one trophy in the history of IPL. The cheerleaders of Sunrisers Hyderabad wear a light orange color kit, and golden pom-poms can be seen in their hands, they receive 10000 per match, and their total annual earning is approximately 2.60 lacs.

Cheerleaders of Rajasthan Royals:

Rajasthan Royals won the first season of IPL, but they could not present the play as their fans expected. RR is also a single trophy winner of the IPL. The cheerleaders of RR are very talented and skillful. They also try to entertain their fans and team players with their energetic moves. The cheerleaders of Rajasthan Royals receive 12000 RS per match, and their annual earning is around 3.25 lacs. They usually wear blue kits with little white stripes.

Cheerleaders of Royal Challengers Bangalore:

The Franchise of RCB is not missing a single chance to entertain its fans. Royal Challengers Bangalore has been the most entertaining team in the IPL. However, they couldn’t succeed in winning even a single IPL trophy. The Cheerleaders of RCB also take care of fans’ entertainment. This is the reason they get highly paid due to their outstanding performance. Cheerleaders of RCB earn 6800 RS per match, and their approximate annual income is around 525000 RS.

Cheerleaders of Chennai Super Kings

CSK is the second most successful team in the history of IPL. The team qualifies for the knockout stages almost every season of IPL. The cheerleaders of CSK wear a yellow and blue combination of kits. They earn 10000 RS per match, and their annual earning is almost 260000 RS. 

Cheer Girls of Kings XI Punjab

The franchise of Kings XI Punjab always takes care of the entertainment of their fans from all aspects. Cheerleaders of Kings XI Punjab wear a white and dark red combined dress. They dance and entertain the fans and encourage the players. Whenever a Kings XI Punjab player hits a four, six, or takes a wicket, they receive 9500 to 10000 RS for every match, and their annual income is 260000 RS, but they don’t get a bonus like other teams. 

IPL Cheerleaders Names

The names of cheer girls are not announced with the name of the official squad, and they are provided by the different cheer girls organizations. That’s why it is tough to find the names of every cheerleader performing in the IPL. You must join cheerleader organizations to perform in IPL as a cheer Girl. These organizations will provide the necessary training, and you may get a chance to perform in IPL.

List of Some Most Famous Cheer Girls in IPL:

  • Jennie Garth, Sunburst Middle School
  • Reese Witherspoon, Montgomery Bell Academy
  • Brooke Hogan, Clearwater Central Catholic
  • Aaron Spelling, Southern Methodist University
  • Charisma Carpenter, San Diego Chargers
  • Jill Belland, Calgary Stampeders
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard
  • Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Ben-Gals – the Oldest cheerleader in the NFL
  • Mandy Moore, Pop Warner
  • Madonna, Rochester Adams High School
  • Sandra Bullock, Washington-Lee High School
  • Blake Lively, Burbank High School
  • Phyllis Smith, actress on The Office (US version), St Louis Cardinals football
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • George W. Bush, Phillips Academy
  • Paula Abdul, Los Angeles Lakers, Van Nuys High School
  • Cameron Diaz, Long Beach Polytechnic High School
  • Megyn Kelly
  • Kelly Ripa
  • Renée Zellweger, Katy High School
  • Jaime Espinal, the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón
  • Mitt Romney, Cranbrook School
  • Hilarie Burton, Park View High School
  • Karen McDougal, River Valley High School
  • Katie Couric University of Virginia
  • Jessica Simpson, Richardson North Junior High School
  • Christina Aguilera, North Allegheny Intermediate High School
  • Eva Longoria, Roy Miller High School
  • Stacy Keibler, Baltimore Ravens
  • Jenilee Harrison, Los Angeles Rams
  • Rick Perry, Texas A&M University Yell Leader
  • Arielle Kebbel, Winter Park High School
  • Steve Martin
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Ali Landry
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Paula Abdul, Los Angeles Lakers
  • Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Ben-Gals

IPL 2024 Cheerleader Salaries

Cheer Girls who perform in the IPL 2024 as a Cheerleader will earn around ₹8,000 to ₹14,000 per match, according to the team, Because all the teams have their different payment policies. When a team wins the match, the Cheerleaders of that team will earn 3000 to 6000 as a bonus, but this is not applicable to all IPL teams. 

They can earn an extra 7000 to 12000 INR for their extra appearance at the knockout stages. They also can earn an extra 5000 INR for photoshoot purposes.

IPL Cheerleaders Controversies

Everyone is curious to know about the lifestyle of Cheerleaders. They enjoy luxurious lifestyles and are very happy with their profession when they see the glorious performance of cheerleaders in the IPL. But here are some shocking leaked secrets from cheerleaders that we will discuss.

Payment Issues:

Most people think that cheerleaders get highly paid for their performance, and they get more facilities than an average person can afford.  The lifestyle of cheerleaders is not as good as people see them in live IPL. The Secret is revealed by two Ukrainian cheerleaders who worked for RR that they don’t get good support items or good food, and they also complain about delayed payments. 

They also said they don’t compensate with the good residence. They said one-star hotels were allotted to them during their stay in the IPL, Where they couldn’t get basic facilities and the rooms were dirty.

Affiliation with Bollywood:

When fans watch the cheer girls dancing in the IPL while watching their dance and outstanding moves, some fans might forget to pay attention to the match. And many fans thought they had seen them somewhere else before. As we already discussed, these cheerleaders join the IPL through agencies, and these agencies also provide dance girls to Bollywood. 

Many cheer girls have admitted working in the Bollywood industry as background dancers. They also confirmed that they learned many new Hindi dance moves from their work in the Bollywood industry.


A Cheerleader has stated that the organizations don’t respectably treat them. They also claimed that the people in India use immoral words for them and treat them like a prostitute. Also revealed that there is no proper safety for cheerleaders. They also faced some harassment incidents in the tournament. They also complained about the unfair dress that is not comfortable nor adequately designed. 


Do you ever notice all the cheerleaders in the IPL are foreigners? And why do organizers pick the white girls? Racism is the reason behind this. It is also noticed that the organizers don’t want the black girls in their cheerleaders’ squad. They also don’t want Asian girls to wear tight outfits. Due to this, many skillful Indians can’t get the opportunity to show their talent and skills.

They also believe that white people are superior to black or they can dance better than black-colored people. No, this is the wrong perception. Sadly, they are still analyzing people over their color and nationality.


IPL has been a source of fun and entertainment for cricket fans and players. Franchises decided to arrange to get together and after-parties for players to make them feel relaxed after high-pressure games, and to make their performance consistent. 

It was an excellent decision to make players fresh during the tournament. Many players started drinking alcohol, match-fixing discussions also have been discussed at the parties, and some players joined the models for the ramp walk. A famous cheerleader named Gabriella Pasqualotto has complained that some South African and Australian players misbehaved after drinking alcohol.

Where do IPL cheerleaders come from?

Cheerleaders in IPL come from different countries and different professions. Most of them do part-time jobs. Usually, these girls are from Ukraine, Norway, Belgium, and Russia.

Why are Indian girls not performing as Cheerleaders in IPL?

Indian girls are not supposed to become cheerleaders in IPL, Because the organizers of IPL have this mindset that black girls can’t be a part of IPL Cheerleaders. They also don’t allow Indian girls to wear shorts and dance. It promotes racism, and it is nonsense that they still judge people based on color and nationality.

How much do IPL cheerleaders make?

The earnings of cheerleaders in IPL are different according to the franchises. Their general income is 100$ to 150$ per match, and They receive a 3000 INR to 6000 INR bonus if their team wins. However, Their basic salary is 8000 INR.

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