Watch DD Sports Live Streaming – IPL 2023 Live Streaming On DD Sports For Free

What about watching IPL on DD Sports Live Streaming? No matter which apps raid and how fast the internet grows, media cricket broadcasting can not be beaten. Sports TV channels enable you to sit in one place and watch your favorite cricket tournament. This calls for a much-needed break from your machine-paced life. This guide will explain how to Watch D Sports Live Streaming and how to watch PL 2023 Live Streaming On DD Sports For Free to satisfy your daily dose of cricket. 

TATA IPL 2023 is just around the corner, and all the TV channels are ready to telecast this power-packed action of the batters and bowlers on the cricketing battlefield. DD Sports offers all cricket-related stuff alongside telecasting all the significant cricket leagues. You can watch Test matches, ODI, T20, World Cup, and all the most significant cricket leagues like IPL. 

This article gives you an overview of the DD national TV channel, DD sports, its history, live cricket streaming on DD sports, and the other alternatives to DD sports. 

DD Sports Live Streaming

In every era, TV channels have beaten all other media broadcasters. Because of the unavailability of satellite channels and cable networks, people in remote areas are stuck watching TV channels. DD Sports is one of India’s most prominent sports channels, which covers almost all major sports events happening in India, including Cricket, Football, Hockey, and Kabaddi. 

DD stands for Door Darshan. It is regarded as India’s national and oldest TV channel. Since 1959, it has kept cricket junkies in India up to date. Aside from its TV broadcast, DD Sports also offers live cricket streaming on its youtube channel, website, and app. 

How to Watch DD Sports Live Streaming?

Free-to-air channel DD Sports will be accessible on all DD Free Dish platforms. On the channel, cricket lovers can now watch their favorite sport in HD for free online. This new service provides live streaming of international cricket matches, highlights, and analyses. 

You can watch live cricket streaming on DD sports. A sport-dedicated DD Sports has now diversified into various forms. 

  • DD Sports Channel
  • DD sports Youtube channel
  • DD sports Website
  • DD sports App

DD Sports Channel 

India’s TV channel DD National is a free channel and free to watch on the Terrestrial Network or DD Free Dish, but not on private DTH and cable operators. Cricket India’s exclusive broadcast rights partner for the Indian Territory is DD Sports, as private sports networks are required to share national sports content with DD Sports. 

DD Sports channels are accessible on the private DTH or by cable by subscribing, and it is available freely on cable networks on the following channel numbers. 

  • DD Free Dish on channel 503, 
  • DD Airtel Digital TV on channel 232, 
  • TATA Sky on channel 453. 
  • SUN Direct on 510, 
  • Dish TV on channel 639,
  • BIG TV on channel 512.

DD Sports Youtube Channel

The traditional DD Sports has its official Youtube channel. On the channel, you can watch the Live streaming of cricket. Furthermore, the youtube channel will update all the latest updates, news, and other happenings. You can find everything related to cricket, especially IPL, on DD sports Youtube Channel. 

How to get to the DD sports Youtube channel? 

  1. Go to the internet browser and surf youtube.
  2. Enter DD sports URL in the search bar. 
  3. Subscribe to the channel to never miss any updates. 
  4. You can now have access to the DD sports Youtube channel. 
  5. Enjoy free and unlimited cricket streaming. 

DD Sports Live Cricket Streaming App

No official DD Sports app is available in Store, but you can download DTH Live TV to watch live online TV on your mobile phone anywhere. All the latest TV Channels, including DD National and DD Sports, Radio Channels, Sports Live Streaming, Sports scores, and live cricket at your fingertips, T20 World Cup Live Streaming, IPL, News, Podcasts, and much more in 26 different Indian languages. Just Install the DTH Live TV app and enjoy live programs in HD quality. 

Free Live Cricket Online in HD on DD Sports

One of India’s leading sports Tv channels, Doordarshan High Definition, is also available. You can have the best video quality while watching cricket. You are sorted for watching test cricket, ODI, World Cup, and franchise leagues on DD Sports. 

How to Watch IPL live Streaming on DD Sports

If you want live IPL and do not have access to DTH services like Dish TV and Tata Sky, tune in to DD Sports Live TV and enjoy all your favorite cricket action with all zeal.

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You can subscribe to the youtube channel or log in to the website of DD Sports to access IPL 2023 Live streaming.

DD Sports Website for IPL 2023 Live Streaming

DD sports has its official website. The website is boundary-restricted and can not be accessed outside India. Living outside India, you can unblock the DD Sports website with a VPN to watch your favorite sport. DD Sports website has different sections for every sports event. You can select whatever sport you like to watch. 

You will find cricket news, programs, interviews, reviews, personality-oriented games, and quiz shows in the cricket tab.

Browse the DD sports website to get all the cricket updates. 

  1. Go to your internet browser and open the DD sports official website. 
  2. Select the Cricket Tab from the home screen and click it. 
  3. The tab will give you a menu about news, schedule, and live match streaming. 
  4. Select your desired cricket match, click on it, and enjoy free live streaming.

Alternatives to DD Sports for Watching Live Streams of Cricket Matches

You can have many other alternatives in your hand when DD sports live streaming online free is not responding well, and the picture quality needs to be better. 

History of Doordarshan DD Sports Live TV Channel

Door Darshan is among the leading and most-watched TV channels. Below is a list of DD TV channels across the country covering most genres.

  • DD National
  • DD India
  • DD News
  • DD Bharti
  • DD Sports
  • DD Urdu
  • DD Retro
  • DD Kisan

DD Sports is a sub-channel of DD TV channels. It is one of India’s most significant and official sports channels. This channel was founded on 8 March 1998 and now telecasts sports from Delhi. When the channel started, it was restricted to only six hours of broadcast in one day; however, in 1999, it increased to 12 hours. It is only accessible for the air sports channel in India.

Doordarshan TV channel became the clock station on June 1, 2000. DD Sports provides coverage for live sports events such as Hockey, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, and other major sports such as Boxing, Wrestling, and Racing.

DD Sports as HDTV was established in 2010 during the Commonwealth Games in India. The channel shows national tournaments throughout international sporting events. 

General information about DD Sports is as follows:-

DD TV Launched Date8 March 1998
DD’s CountryIndia
DD TV OwnerPrasar Bharati
Available LanguagesIndian English Hindi
Sub ChannelDoordarshan
TV Channel Format & Quality720p (HDTV 16:9) 576i (SDTV 16:9)

Frequently Asked Questions 

In Which App can we Watch DD Sports Live?

DD Sports has no official app of its own. If you want to watch DD Sports Live, you can tune in to MX Player. It is responsible for streaming all cricket-related content of DD Sports. You can get these best apps to watch all the IPL 2023 scores, IPL match today, IPL match highlights, and the IPL 2023 news videos online on DD Sports Live TV for free on MX Player.

Is DD Sports free to air?

DD Sports is a free-to-air platform and is the leading national sports channel in India. It covers all genres of sports reaching 38 countries across the world through the INSAT-4B satellite, around the clock since the New Delhi Commonwealth Games in June 2000.


Cricket is watched and celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. DD sports is India’s national sports channel that meets up to the expectations of a cricket lover by providing all the cricket stuff on one platform. You can watch live cricket streaming on DD sports, including tests, ODI, World Cup, and T20 leagues, like IPL, without paying any charges. All the latest information and updates are available on it. This guide covers the query How to Watch DD Sports Live Streaming. 

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