Peshawar Zalmi Unveiled Kits for the PSL 8

Peshawar Zalmi Unveiled Kits for the PSL 8 have amazing colors and portray the true philosophy of the Peshawar Zalmi. As PSL 2023 approaches near, PSL teams are now unveiling their kits for the tournament. PZ is one of the first teams to showcase and unveil their PSL Kits. Are you interested in your favorite PSL Teams Kits?

In the press release, a PZ representative said that: “Inspired by the contemporary and progressive nature of the brand Peshawar Zalmi is, the home kit is an elegant combination of Tuscany yellow with a classic and complementing addition of black. The bold yet minimalistic design is reflective of the contemporary design philosophy practiced by Peshawar Zalmi. The color yellow is symbolic to the loyal and intensely passionate fanbase of Peshawar Zalmi – The Yellow Storm,”

“The front of the jersey features a mandarin collar in black and uniquely woven and embedded intricate geometric pattern in hues of lemon yellow, each clustered together, symbolizing the connection Peshawar Zalmi holds with its fanbase. The geometric alliance gets bolder on the sleeves, further accentuating the black base.

He further added that:

“To oomph the character of the silhouette, details can be seen in the form of a yellow placket sewn against the sleeves. The hem of the jersey holds a sleek addition of fabric, with sinuous linear play in gold. An imperative addition to the jersey is the badge of authenticity. Peshawar Zalmi has ensured the finest quality and authenticity for its fans. The emblem crafted in velvet holds the Peshawar Zalmi logo embedded into it with a sheen that adds to the element of authenticity.”

PZ Post About PSL Kit

In the Tweet, the Peshawar Zalmi Twitter Account handle tweeted the video of Babar Azam wearing their NEW PSL Kit.

“The Training Kit for Peshawar Zalmi is a combination of dark values in indigo accompanied with vibrant chroma of crimson and tangerine. The kit is an ode to the city of flowers, and the warm color palette reflects its people. The jersey has a consistent textual print fraught over the base, with a linear disruption traveling on the sides, across the shoulders,” the press release stated.

“The Training Kit is a testament to the fact that Peshawar Zalmi is consistent with the fashion trends of the year. With popping hues and bolder prints taking over, Peshawar Zalmi ensured that the kits stand out to be statement pieces for the fans as well.

“Peshawar Zalmi always has something in the pipeline. And this year, the franchise has revealed the third kit, being the alternate kit for PSL season 8. A classic, timeless, and elegant amalgamation of darker values of black and gold. The Alternate Jersey features a curated and meticulously sought deck of design elements,”

“While staying true to the minimalist spirit, the alternate jersey features the horns of a markhor, the national animal of Pakistan and the mascot for Peshawar Zalmi as well. The uniquely crafted silhouette is further enhanced with the presence of a standing ban collar with ‘yellow storm’ on it. The attention to detail not only adds soul to the silhouette, but also character.”

What is your favorite PSL team and what do you like about their kits?

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